Sunday, August 24, 2014

Nesting Time for Tino !

Im approaching my 32nd week of pregnancy and am feeling the pain and changes in my body while it prepares itself for birth.  As I said before, Niko was a breech baby and I had to have a c-section. Because I got pregnant again only 6 months after having Niko I was advised by my Dr to deliver my next, Tino, by c section as well since Im at risk of rupturing during labor.
We are currently still here in Greece, the weather has been close to unbearable for me this summer. In the high 90's for the last 2 months even over 100 at times and being pregnant and trying to run and play, getting up, sitting down on the floor, it was hard for me with Niko. I started to feel sad at times because I couldn't keep up, and I felt as though I was missing out.  So yes, I have help with Niko during the day.
At 34 weeks we will head back to London where I will give birth. If all goes as planned , my cut day is Oct 17th, although lately Ive been having constant Braxton Hicks back to back so he may possibly come early. Either way, Im ready to have him but Im not prepared for his arrival…. If that makes sense. I haven't nested yet being that we are not home (in London). I haven't repaired his nursery or had time to sew or crochet anything sentimental for him… Im looking forward to getting back to London and being able to get myself and the houses prepared, he's weeks away now.
With that said, I started searching the internet for what car seat Ill use for Tino, what prams, high chairs, bottles etc.
Europe has so many products that we don't have in the states, so its fun to see what other companies are out there. So I decided to do a post on some of the things Im looking at to get for my second baby. Some of the products listed are available in the States but some are not. Anyone that is familiar with the brands please let me know your opinion. I always look up reviews etc but its hard to order online and not see the quality in person.

Last year with Niko I used the Maxi Cosi Pebble with my Stokke and the Izi Go by Be Safe for my Mima Xari. Now all the popular brands such as Stokke etc have used the Be Safe car seat and made to match their fabrics- but for me the Izi Go was WAY too narrow. It was so uncomfortable for Niko to be in even as a tiny baby.  The Maxi Cosi was great but I didn't love that it didn't have a proper "hood" or sun canopy. The clips often came off smacking Niko in the face. Plus he was a summer baby, the thin fabric sun canopy worked enough but for a winter baby I feel like I need something a bit sturdier than just a thin piece of fabric. So for an Infant Carrier Im on the hunt for something new.
I went on a few UK sites and discovered some new brands that Ive never heard of as well as some new versions of older carseats that I loved in the past. Here they are:

Infant Carseat/ Carrier-

1. The Silver Cross Simplicity Infant Carrier.

A girl in my Gymboree class in London had this for her daughter and I loved the sleek look of it. Silver Cross has been around for years and is known for their quality. I have their Balmoral Pram which is amazing but sadly has to stay in London as it does not fold. My stroller of choice is the Stokke Xplory - but Im unsure if the Silver Cross will work with it.

2. The Bebecar Easymaxi Infant carrier.

It has a base for the car as an option.

How cute are the girl patterns.

Bebecar is based in Portugal and the quality looks amazing.
This company makes beautiful strollers, prams and carseats that can work as a system. They even have a super cool double stroller that I have my eye on that can be used as a single or double all in one! I love the look of the carseat and the fabrics look amazing. They have a few different lines within the company from Urban to Luxury. Anyone use this before?

3. The Nuna Pipa

I like the carseat from this company but the stroller isn't my taste. The carseat/ carrier has some cool features. I love that the visor/hood is large and can block wind, not just sun, and it has an additional piece that comes out of the front and attaches near the baby's feet to block additional sun, wing, etc (shown in pic).  It looks super comfy and works with the new ISOFIX carseat base that everyone is now using. I just found out from Stokke that this carseat does work with their Xplory strollers using the maxi cosi adapters,  something to think about. Anyone ever use this carseat?

4. The Jane Strata Baby Carseat

I love the look of this and all the color options. Its won all kinds of awards… in 2008, but I wonder how it compares now to some of the other brands. It has cool features and the travel system isn't too shabby either. Things like removing the carseat with just one movement is a plus for me since the Maxi Cosi required 2 hands to unlock the seat from the stroller and then trying to lift it was a bit challenging. So this is another company I'm looking in to. It also works with the new IsoFIx system.
Reviews on them?

Strollers/ Prams-

1. Bebecar
Like the carseat, the strollers/ prams look exquisite! The fabrics and style look so lush. You can choose form a modern design or a classic pram style- close to my Silver cross Balmoral Pram except these fold.
I chose a few that I like and will look into the company more. I, hoping once I get to London I can find a store that carries them to see the quality in person. Theres so many options that its taking some time for me to see which one I would actually want.

2. Stokke Crusi
This is the stroller I have for the boys in California. Its a bigger version of the Xplory and has the capability of being a double pram. Its great for cities as it is compact. I haven't put Niko in the bottom yet but Ive seen others with it and it doesn't seem to bother their children who sit on the bottom. We'll see. I do love that the seat can be used from infant up to about 3-4 years old. Especially with the sheepskin liner which I have. Look how cozy it is for baby. I used it with Niko and have a new one for Tino, but not sure if Niko will love being on the bottom. I do prefer the bassinet on the Crusi compared tot he xplory. Its softer and bigger- note to anyone deciding between the 2.

3. Bugaboo Donkey Dou
Im SO not a Bugaboo fan.  When searching for strollers before I had Niko, regardless of its press and ratings it was completely out of the question for me because of how LOW it is to the floor. Stokke sold me on how high it was- away from dirt, dogs, dust, fumes etc. BUT I need a good double stroller for the boys for NY and CA and can totally picture my Mom using this for them. It seems easy and perfect to just stroll in the neighborhood. Ill check this out again once Im in London.

Anyone have a fav double stroller what works for a newborn and toddler?

High Chairs-

1. Stokke Tripp Trapp
I wasn't sure about this highchair at first, but the more I look at it the more I like it. The all in one stages  don't interest me, although its a great feature being that it works from infant to adult. But in London they don't have all the same brands we have in the states so I need something for Niko now that he's a "big boy". Im also thinking to go ahead and purchase the same for Tino but with the newborn adapter.
Anyone else use this system?

2. Nuna Zaaz
I like the style of it for London. Our homes there are much more modern then California. The Nuna Zaaz looks sleek, comfortable and easy to clean.

3. Mima Moon
This highchair looks sleek and futuristic. It is suitable from birth up to 45kg (almost 100lbs). It has different height adjustments and reclining angles. I don't love this one so much for a newborn but for Niko it may be nice. When I get to the UK Im going to look into this one more.

Bouncers, Rockers, Etc

1. Nuna Leaf
I like the look and sleekness of this rocker/glider. Looks comfy and safe enough to have Tino in there while I play with Niko. Will have to check it out in person. 
Anyone use this before?

2. 4moms Rock-a-Roo
Their bouncer , the Mamaroo never interested me, but their rocker sure does.  I have the Fisher Price Little Lamb swing for Niko and will use for Tino in CA- but I felt the speed even on slow was so fast sometimes. So the new 4Moms Rock-a-Roo seems like a good choice and may replace the need for the Nuna Leaf as its kinda like a 2 in one. Its also compact and easy to move around compared to the large Fisher price swings.
 Anyone own this yet? I bought it for NY already but Im still contemplating for London.

3. Stokke Bounce and Sleep
I saw this in a baby spa in London and loved it for Niko but at the time I never got it. I think with Tino Ill get it to keep downstairs so I have a place to put him while Niko plays if he wants to sleep. Its safe, compact and used for multiple things.


1. Latch by Munchkin
This bottle looks so cool. Like most companies these days it is BPA free plastic, with a built in anti colic air venting system. The nipple is very flexible and moves I guess like a real breast (?) . I haven't tried this one yet but I plan to get a couple and see how Tino likes it and does with it. I used and still use Tommee Tippe for Niko. He did amazing with their bottles and as an infant their anti-colic system, but every baby is different. I like being prepared and having options.

2. Bare
This bottle looks really cool and is apparently the only air tight bottle on the market. The problem I have with it is that when putting it together or taking it apart you have to touch the nipple to release the air. I guess if you're using breast milk thats one thing as you wouldn't have to touch it until the baby is done with the milk, but for me I use formula with Niko (still) and am hoping to have enough breast milk this time for Tino, but if not Ill have to add formula when Im out if he is hungry, and that will entail touching the nipple to open the bottom. Ive tried to find reviews on it and only found a few, which seems to be good but say it takes a bit to get used to. If Tino is colicky then Ill probably get this and give it a try as its suppose to reduce all symptoms of colic etc, but sometimes time is of the essence especially have 2 babies under a year and a half, so having a bottle that is a project to put together is not for me. ( watch the preparation video to see what Im talking about) I think Ill buy 2 anyway to test out and see how it works.

This is a self warming bottle which looks super cool,  I have to try it. Niko was born in June and hated hot and warm milk, he preferred his room temperature, but being that Tino is coming in October, and October weather in London is basically winter, Im preparing myself for warm bottle feeds. 
The pictures explain everything so just take a look and google if you're interested.

4. B.Box
I totally forgot to add this bottle. I'm on the fence about it but it seems really great if you're formula feeding. The only reserve I have it how long and big it looks. The bottom part hold the formula until you're ready to use it, then with just a push on the bottom the formula is dispersed into the water and ready to go. Great invention, similar to the Moxi I posted on @Nikosfavoriteproducts on instagram but a bit more modern with the colors- which are cool how older babies but Im more traditional with infants- just my preference. But like the others, I may buy 2 to try and see how they are. Anyone know if the feet has multiple holes or just one?

5. Mixie
So I had actually bought this bottle to try for Niko, but because the feet has multiple holes vs just one large one, his formula didn't work well with it. I really loved the look of this for when he was younger, maybe for Tino it will work better with stage 1 formula as its thinner. The concept it great and useful and its much smaller in size then the B.Box.

WAIT- as I'm writing this I find out that the Nuk teets which I use for Niko here in Greece which have 1 large hole and I love them work with the Mixie bottle… Alittle late but thats great if you're in the same boat as me!!!!!!

New London Nursery-

Like  Niko I went with the Boori Line for Tino's Crib/cot, dresser changer and Armoire. Boori is sold at numerous stores, I think they sell them in the States as well!?!  I decided to go with the Boori Eton collection for both of them, in Mocha for Niko and Aged Natural for Tino.

Im having their bedding custom made by HugBug Bedding for 3 different locations, California, London and NY. For London We decided to go with a more "rustic" look using natural Linens. Grey/blue/ white for Niko and Cream, powder blue and beige for Tino. The boys CA nursery is much more luxurious and glam, and in NY its more rustic like London.

Nikos London Bedding by HugBug Bedding

I don't think I ever did a post on Niko's CA nursery. Below is my inspiration pic from before be was born of what I did for his nursery. Everything was purchased from Restoration Hardware except his rocker/glider which was purchased from Petit Tresor.
 Ill do a separate post on everything and include Tino's CA nursery which is currently being worked on.

Cant wait to hear your feedback on the above products. Ill do an update on what I actually purchase as time gets closer to his arrival.