Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I'd Just Like to Say!

I just received this comment from a girl named Maria. Please read below so I can explain a few things for her and everyone else who may be thinking the same thing...

Theres a few things ide like to say in response to this comment.

1. Your right- in my blog you have not seen me post pictures of such events because if you read my "FIRST POST" you'd see that this is a blog about beauty/fashion,tips and tricks; and I quote - "Here I'd like to share what celebrities won't: makeup secrets, what I'm wearing, where to get it, and tips & tricks of the 'inside crowd'. ".

2. There is such a thing called 'Midnight Run'- where on Christmas Eve people such as my self, my fiance and his 2 children go around town with blankets, old clothes, warm jackets and some money and give it out to the homeless.

3. There is also a saying that, when you do something good for someone it's not right to brag and or flaunt it around.. " Look at me, Look at me, I'm such a good person, I bought a present and I'm putting it in the toy box for the children"... Thats not what I'm about. I am a giving person. I love helping people (ie: the reason I started this blog). I'm NOT a celebrity or someone who is trying to set an example to others, and I certainly dont feel the need to prove to people that I do or dont help the needy and less fortunate. So I hope people arent looking at my beauty/ fashion blog thinking the same thing.. Something like that would more likely be posted if anywhere on my twitter page... A possible pic of us out late at night with the baskets we made.

4. While on this topic I will set the "record" straight.. Alki and I give to homeless almost daily, or whenever or wherever we see one and we give $20 at least every time. I posted this comment and pic on my twitter at 9:15pm on October 30th. We were on our way to dinner driving on Santa Monica blvd; which anyone who knows or lives in CA knows Santa Monica blvd is a very busy street and we stopped anyway.

So please dont try to school  me on how "remember when you give back you get back". In my plastic surgery blog I also stated at the bottom and I'll quote again- "My fiance taught me, "to keep what you have, you give it away." I get it. "

And I'll also add since you got me started that I not only help homeless and less fortunate but I also give to my friends and family as well. I won't say who got what but I have and continue to buy for my friends who couldn't afford these things at a certain time but could really use them or just really wanted them. AND whenever I get a new laptop, ipod, camera, bag, shoes  etc - I give my "old" ones to my friends as well. I'm NOT selfish.. Ive stated before and I'll say it again.." I may be spoiled but I am NOT A BRAT!" Anyone who knows me will agree 100% and I'm confident about that.

Moral of this is.. Just because I'm not bragging, blogging or whatever about it on my beauty/fashion blog doesn't mean I'm not doing it.
Thank you


  1. Hi babydoll...dont sweat this person -- it's the holidays everyone is bitter and broke. She's just hating on you bc you are gorgeous... all of your real fans know what a sweetheart you are! You made this blog for your fans and you answer us -- no one else does that -- you take the time to get to us and you help us get to you know u.. this chick is probably fat anyway! ;) xoxo Merry Christmas!! Thanks for all the mirror pics tonight!! Keep posting them!!

    Your body looks AMAZING in the Ferrari pic! Im officially not going to eat ever again so I can look like you! JK!! xo

  2. Some people are seriously rediculous. The blog is about makeup....the person needs to relax.Im SO HAPPY you do these help all of us everyday, so thank you again :)

  3. This is coming from a REAL NYC girl here -- us Manhattan girls call it like we see it -- and I bet you a pair of your Loubs that this chick is either an ex girlfriend of your fiance -- your ex's new girlfriend, or a girl that you know that's jealous of you -- bc everyone I know LOVES you and this blog! We actually check on a daily basis for more pics and for updates from you.

    Im the VIP host for Butter -- come say if you are in the city!

  4. EW! Marie, go away. "Leave Jen alone!" HAHA!

    Jenny from the block, don't let "Marie" bother you she's not worth the air time. Delete the bitch.

    OH, and Marie, do yourself and read a blog Jen writes, she's always helping us recreate her looks FOR LESS. She's always looking out for us, and finding bargains for us.

    Jen can afford this stuff, and she knows not everybody can so she HELPS us. You sound pretty sad if you are writing into a blog to hate on it. Go out and get a life.

  5. Hi girls.. I just want to say thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog(s) and post comments.. I hope you know it's your comments and feed back that makes this all worth while..

    @Lisa- is butter open for lunch?!? Will you be there if so?

  6. LOL @ Princess! I totally agree. Why is she writing to a blog she doesn't like?? Sounds like Marie needs to get laid and stop being so bitter.

    This is seriously one of the better blogs out there. Jen WE LOVE YOU!!

    Please keep posting mirror pics throughout the holidays!! You are the best!

    XOXO YOUR UNLV Tri-Delt girls! XOXOX

  7. Hiiiiii!

    Unfortunately we open at 5:30, it's still lunch for you in LA tho :) . If you want to come by for dinner or a bottle service I would love to take care of you and your party.

    Where's a good place to send my # to you, text me whenever you want to come in.

  8. @Holly- aww thank you so much !! I found a few more.. will post tomorrow as I want everyone to see the current blog first :) xx

    @ Lisa - oo ok.. Im suppose to go back to westchester tomorrow but if I stay the night again we'll deff come for dinner. you can send your number here. I just wont post the blog comment :)

  9. This is a fashion and beauty blog for crying out loud... I'm sure you do many good things for people daily... you don't have to tell us about it. That's amazing that you do good things for people but that's not why I read every post of yours... I love your candidness, your honesty and all the secrets we all wanna know and you are willing to tell. You keep doing what you are doing and don't worry about that comment. We love you and everything you write about fashion, make up, beauty and plastic surgery!

  10. Marie, DONT READ HER BLOGS HUNNI IF YOU HAVE NOTHING NICE TO SAY!!.. This is a beauty/fashion blog and Jen DOES give help to others.. What she does in her private time is her business!!.. LOL I just want to see a night makeup godammit!!!.. Joanne Australia XXXX

  11. JEN- you are amazing. Keep it up! I love checking in on your posts every once in a while! After knowing you for the last few years, I can honestly say you are just as beautiful inside as you are outside, I'm proud to call you my friend! Don't let the haters bother you, you will always have haters
    Happy Holidays babydoll.
    See you soon.

  12. u r 100% right jen. she has nothing bbetter to do ! merry xmas and happy holidays!! :)

  13. Jen,
    There is nothing I want or EXPECT from you (OK maybe 250K LOL). Really you are a smart, beautiful, successful and wealthy women. DON'T ever feel you need to apologize for you good fortune. That is life.

    You & Alki do whatever you want with what you have that is nobody,s business except yours. Enjoy your life and be happy.

    I enjoy your blog it is knda like seeing how the other half lives in an honest blog. F*%K those who feel they have a right to tell YOU how you should live your life.

    Merry Christmas to you both

  14. I dont think Maria needs bashing, she was just an outisder looking in. She wasnt really aware, Just judging a book by its cover. Not that im a bum on the street but Jenny my bf hehe* has always helped me in anyway possible. She def is a very lucky girl, but she also knows the value of a dollar and is willing to go to any means to help ppl she loves.

  15. I am 100% agree with you Jenni ;)

  16. We all have hobbies we do in our free time - so this is our hobby! talking about makeup hair clothes etc. You don't know Jen or any of us for that matter and what other things we do with our time for charitibale causes etc. the other 23 hours of the day. (we are simply not here for that) Marie - Perhaps, you should donate your computer the one you were using to write your rather silly comment and give it to a child that needs to write a school report or something more useful than you chose! After you read my comment run don't walk to the nearest place to drop it off!

  17. Well said Jennifer! To be a humble giver is to do it without the intention of bragging. Your blog is only a tiny window in to your life so no one has the right to judge you based only what they see hear. This is the season of generosity and giving so maybe the person leaving that comment should learn to be less of a Scrooge pointing fingers. If anything, I love how honest you are on this blog and appreciate that you want to keep some level of privacy and keep your humanitarian endeavors between you and the person you are blessing. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones. xoxo

  18. Jen--you are an amazing person and I am blessed to have you in my life (and alki). You are a rare gem in this world--beautiful, smart, driven to succeed, caring, loving, and an amazing friend. I am so glad we re-connected..and thank you for being here for me through my breakup because without you, I would definitely be a mess (being that it's the holidays--grr). I just wanted to share that because I hate seeing people write hateful comments like that biatch did--I might go NY on her ass HAHAHAHA!! love you twinny<3

    Lara XOXO

  19. Jen, I have three blogs (two of which are under my real name) and I've been publishing my thoughts on the internet since 1997. I know how it feels to be judged by others on the net. The people who know the least about us are the ones who offer the most ridiculous criticism. Keep up the good work! I am learning a lot from you:-)

  20. Hi Jen,

    I just came across your blog last week and I now visit it everyday. Please don't ever feel like you need to justify yourself to your readers. It is sad that people have to leave you comments like that. Please keep up the wonderful job and can't wait to read more from your blog. Happy Holidays!

  21. Thank you so much everyone for your love, support and kind words.. Over 20,000 views in almost 2 months and Im so grateful you all are enjoying my blog entries.. It's just as fun for me to write them as it is for you to read them... xx


  23. Jesus said when you do alms, let not your left hand know what your right hand does,that means to do it in secret,not for people to see what a good girl you are.
    I don't know why but everybody is judging us by what they see on our blogs,like that is all we do (fashion and makeup).

  24. Wow...
    Hi Jen,
    I guess the girl may have taken you for another one of those 'up them self' girls and probably didnt realize.

    We're in Novenmber 2011 and im going back to all your older posts, you have inspired me so much i literally got off the laptop first time i read your blog, went through my wardrobe and had this smile because you and i actually have similar taste. I am so glad you have this amazing and inspiring blog, dont let anyones words get to you, some people are just misguided, jealous, curious, or maybe even testing you, just alot of weirdos out there.


    - <3 ness

  25. I am new to your blog but I just wanted to say I experience the same thing on my style/beauty blog of one commenter telling me how disgusting I am because I shop and have blog sales instead of giving my money to charity. I work for a nonprofit, I give money to charity, I attend charity events, I've packed boxes in 100 degree weather to send to Somalia when there was a drought...the list goes on. My point is that you and anyone who knows you knows the goodness in your heart and you shouldn't have to justify it to's sad that some people feel the need to condem others without even knowing anything about what and how much another person gives to others. I'd like to ask the person who made the comment how much THEY volunteer.

  26. I adore you, Such a sweetheart!

  27. I must say I' m appalled that after reading through all these comments nothing was said about the "bum" comment. Look I toatlle agree you should spend your money how you like, and if you give you need not broadcast it. However, the term bum is a very derogatory way to refer to homeless people. I just wanted to make you aware that many may be offended by this term used for people you want to assist.

  28. dear jennifer, i am a new "fangirl" for you and i recently "met" you through your instagram. its almost 4 years after this post and guuurl its nobodys business what you do for charity. this is your blog about your fashion makeup and style not your charity blog. dumb hoessss!!! and noone can tell you what to do with your money either. <3 ps i wish i was you.