Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Me and Botox!

I'd just like to say- That I have not had anything injected into my face since July 2010 !

I had received a comment from a girl which I posted because she was being honest and I have nothing to hide- here it is below.
My response was :

I wanted to do a post on this not to prove myself to everyone but you let girls know that it can age you really fast if you go over board- which I have at times, and just to share my story. If you have not already read my Plastic Surgery blog- please do :) 

When I first got botox I had it injected into my forehead, between my eye brows and right on TOP of the outer corners of my eye brows; to achieve a lifted look....

What does Botox do?
When Botox is injected into the muscles of the forehead, it blocks nerve impulses which results in the weakening of the muscles that cause frowning, kind of like paralyzing the muscle. Eventually over a period of several months, given enough of these injections, the frown lines start to get softer and in many cases eventually disappear completely. Botox can also be injected into the muscles of the face that cause crows feet, forehead lines and frown lines.

.... Well after the person injected the outer corners on TOP of my eye brows within a few days- those corners started to droop. I couldn't believe it- they were frozen down and wouldn't move. I swear I looked surprised all the time. It was horrible.

Ok, so the next time I went for botox, I went to someone else and I  told them what happened the previous time. So they injected me right UNDER the outer corners of my eye brows. Well... I got the look I thought I wanted, but at first it was alittle too much.. I looked like a joker and or a devil LOL

So after a month of or so the botox starts to wear off... And after about 3 or 4 months the botox is "said" to be just about gone.. Well I went though a faze where I think I was getting more botox every 2 months.. if that. It became an obsession I guess you could say, and because it was there.. I just did more.  
I finally had a photoshoot for my company Have Faith Swimwear- It wasnt until I saw a picture of me modeling that I said " OMG I NEED TO STOP ! ". I looked old. I looked like I had so much work done to my face and I couldn't understand WHY I was looking so done. The only thing I had operated on on my face was my nose; so there was no way just from that I looked so much older. I realized it was the botox, I was really over doing it and was HATING how I looked.

So now, 6 months later I haven't had NOT 1 injection in my face and I feel like I'm getting back to "normal". I think I was just doing to much. The same thing goes with my lips. I have been getting them plumped for years now, but it too gets addicting and I went WAY over board once or twice. I did have pretty big lips naturally- so it originally started just wanting them poutier. Well I have since stopped that as well and I'm waiting for my lips to go down. 
I'm not sitting here saying I'll never do botox again or never get my lips done again.. I'm just saying- I did way too much too soon back to back and I'm giving it a rest for a while. I'm 25 years old (26 in 1 month AHHHH!)  and I want to look 25. The reason people get botox is to try to stay as young looking as possible for as long as they can.. NOT look older; when you start looking older- you did too much!
5 year difference

I hope you enjoy my very candid posts. Please also see if you haven't already my Plastic Surgery blog. I'd love to hear your feed back on this post and any others. As I have stated before, It's the readers and your wonderful feedback and comments that make this all worthwhile.



  1. hi jenn!!!! im a hug fan and am so grateful you have a blog and share you beauty secrets!! i love your makeup in your have faith photo!!!! sooo hott!! :) i was wondering if you can share what eyeshadows blush lipstick, and lipgloss you have on. thankyou so much.

  2. big fan! wondering what is your normal everyday makeup/skin routine. just for regular days. love your blog!!!!!

  3. Wow.. What an interesting post. I must say I can totally, relate. I had under eye surgery at 23years old. I thought I had under eye bags. What a silly thing i did. It was way to early. can't believe I actually had it done. Seeing you now with before and after pics I think you look beautiful either way, if you can look totally gorg without it why not. Being a girl is super complicated. I myself have not done botox but am deeply considering lip injections. I think it looks sexy. Gives a little something extra. However I do undertand how going overboard like I did with my eyes has to be be considered.. Maybe just little tiny Tweeks. Every couple of years or so? I am going to think about this one.

  4. Jen

    You are my fucking idol I swear. I also have a BA, my lips done and I get botox, so I can understand how addicting it is/how great it is. I honestly think that while you are super hot, I think you definitely look better in the pre-botox picture. Your lips are fine naturally. I can understand wanting to have them plumped a little bit (like 1cc every few months) but you honestly look so gorgeous without having any work done. People say that to me and I tell them to shut up but in this case, coming from someone who also gets stuff done I can honestly say, no more botox (unless its tiny amounts for wrinkles), keep lip plumping to a minimum and I honestly barely see a difference in your nose before or after, and boobs obviously are good to go!

    Thanks for being so open about your augmentations!

  5. YOU GO GIRL! That is what's GOIN On! You are FINALLY Growin' UP. I am Proud of YOU. Stay Beautiful!!! -GNY

  6. Hey Jen!

    I think it's great that you took those comments positively and are able to speak out about it on here! I have to agree with the other readers' comments that you posted, I think you are a beautiful girl inside and out without all the botox and lip injections!

    I too have had a breast augmentation and would some day like to get my nose done and fill in a few lines in my forehead, but at 27 I am scared of how it will leave me looking, so much so that I haven't done anything other than the augmentation!

    A friend of mine goes completely overboard with lip injections, but I don't have the heart to tell her (although I am sure she knows!).

    I live in Toronto, near the Yorkville area where all the socialites hang out, and some times I cannot believe my eyes! I am so tempted to go up to complete strangers and beg them to stop what they are doing to themselves! They would look so much better without all that crap in their faces!!

    I actually thought that maybe you had your lips plumped up again over the holidays since they seemed to be looking bigger, especially in one specific NYE pic you had posted, but took down.

    You are a beautiful girl, and I look forward to seeing how you look once the botox and lip injections completely wear off.

    Keep up the good work Jen - we love you!! xoxo


  7. First of all, i do NOT think you look over done in the Have Faith pic, i think you look gorgeous in all of them, and especially the HF pic, its supposed to look perf its for your swimline! The only thing i ever noticed that you had injected was ur lips. And i love those to!! lol. I think your perf :) Just wanted to let you know :)

  8. I think its great you've slowed down on the injections since they really can leave people looking so over done and at this stage you really don't need it. You look wonderful as you are currently! I don't think its worth getting botox until your at least in your late 30s or 40s because at 25 your skin is still young and healthy! Its so terribly addictive I mean when I'm in my 60s I would much rather look like Helen Mirren, whos had no surgery, than Joan Rivers who seems to have had it all! I think ageing naturally is great, but I'm definitely not against a bit of subtle botox now and again ;)

    Great blog! :)


  9. where did you have all your botox injections?? What parts of your face? Looking at the before and after pictures it still looks like your cheekbones are higher and fuller? Did you have any botox there?? Just curious...thanks!

  10. Thanks you everyone for your comments and telling me your stories as well. Botox is fun, its a luxury- but when taken too far- it can get ugly. It got ugly for me and Im just lucky to have gotten ahold of myself because no matter what anyone says or thinks about you, you'll always do what YOU want to do. I would like to say that I am always 100% honest with what I do and write about on here. If I HAD gotten anything injected into my cheeks I would have stated so. So @Chris- no i havent had any injections in my cheeks EVER! If you look at my last "back to normal" picture you'll see my cheeks are exactly the same. When someone smiles, their cheeks naturally get bigger. Thank you again for all your comments. Ill e doing a night makeup blog soon as well as part of my work out routine...Love ya XX -J

  11. Hi- I was wondering how many syringes of Juvederm you got in your lips back in June?? I'm guessing 2- am I right? I think they look great now that they have gone down 6 months later :)

    Isn't there something you can take or get injected to make the botox wear off faster? I know there is something they can inject to make juvederm dissolve.

  12. love ya honesty so refreshing doll..and so happy that you're going to stop with the botox. it really does age you. ya so much prettier without all that crap in you...can you pls post up your cardio and weights routine...thanks doll! love ya blog...

  13. I am SOOOOOO glad that someone said something to you about this! I kept wanting to but I never got around to it. You look wayyyy better before the injections. There's no need for it! You look young and vibrant and beautiful without all that unnatural stuff! :) I personally only noticed the lips. I'm being blunt here but I thought they looked ridiculous at times (sorry :/ ). The one time I really saw it was the picture you have on your twitter account of you at the dentist getting the gas. I saw that and was like OH MY GOD! NO NO NO WHAT IS SHE DOING!!! (sorry, i'm really passionate about natural beauty which you have!! SO OWN IT!) Also, I'm not quite sure you're back to normal...in your "back to normal" pics your lips still look wayyyyyy big compared to the regular you. As an outsider looking in I just want to say that I think your natural beauty should shine through instead of trying to enhance it because I don't think it is enhanced with these injections! xoxo

  14. Why did you decide to get Botox? How old were you when you started? I doubt you had any deep creases or wrinkles? You're beautiful as is :)

    Btw, what dr. did you go to for your injections? Who were good/bad?

  15. Jenny!! Love you!! post new pics PLEASSSSEE How was Vegas? Im one of your UNLV girls!! xoxo Im so bored tonight -- I want to play with look -- please post inspiration doll! xo

  16. I personally think that you were very beautiful even before the nosejob. But you look beautiful now too. It is good that you stopped doing botox. You will be soon looking 26 again. It is not that tragic, you look great. That is the problem in LA. Women care so much about their appearance and sometimes the are so insecure. We shouldn't over do it. Jen, do a post about your perfumes please. Thank you so much for all this you do. I mean, who says any beauty secrets? Noone. Mary xx

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  18. Jen, I am so relieved I saw this post. This is my first time visiting your blog! :)I am on your FB page and we have a lot of mutual friends. I am also from Westchester. I was looking at photos & I was noticing the changes. I am so glad you realized.I wanted to reach out to you and give you advice but I didn't want to offend you. I'm glad you opened your eyes I know the type of people you are around just don't get sucked into that scene. You are already so beautiful, the best part its inside & out and no one can ever take that away from you.

    Much love <3

    Westchester Girls Rock

  19. Not sure if you'll get this since it was awhile ago but could you tell me a good doctor for Botox in Beverly Hills that you would go to? Thanks

  20. Amzingly You look prettier when you are Normal..
    (No devilish eye).. Love to read your blog.. Love it..

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  23. Sammy's comment is truly a representation of shallowness and quite frankly jealousy, but it was written to hide the true issues radiating from within the comment itself. This should not go overlooked.

    First and foremost, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Her opinion that you looked better before your surgery is her opinion - an opinion primarily stemmed from the insecurities within the inner core of most women. However, most women are not as open as you to share their experiences to give to other women, who admire and do not covet beauty, the opportunity to know about a subject that most women out of insecurity hide because they feel that if they reveal the truth, it makes them exposed to the truth of what they really are. You are what everyone women should be and thank you for all your advice and sharing!

    Also, I wanted to comment that in every picture you posted on this article, including the "Soooooo Done" picture, you always look incredibly beautiful. I find irony in the fact that people criticize that looking older is if you look younger or looking younger means looking older by not "doing yourself up or resorting to botox or things of that nature". The soul within is what shines through the outside in and yours radiates :) You look stunning in every picture - but for each women, it is about what YOU think is beautiful because you are already beautiful. I think the journey for us all us women is to find where we we feel beautiful - all of your pictures are gorgeous because that is just who you are. I would love to see your favorite picture of yourself - I always find that you can tell a lot about a person from that photo - but let us all who have eyes be honest and truthful: you are gorgeous in every picture and Sammy's comment bothers me because it tries to suck energy from a beautiful thing to an insecure thing which is not cool at all.

    You rock and I'm a fan! I have been searching my entire adult life (I'm a 27-year-old-about-to-graduate law-school -married to my soulmate- who -is -11 -years older than me) to find an a girl who is not caddy, real, and beautiful (before you blog, I did not think they existed). You have faith, but thank you for giving me hope that real, awesome girls do exist!

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  26. I found Sammy's comment a bit rude. I don't know why she cares so much about your Botox use. Imagining her showing your picture around to her co workers makes me think she doesn't have anything better to do.

    Good for you for being so classy & honest in your response. It shows you're truly happy & secure in life. :)

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