Sunday, April 24, 2011

Daily Mirror Pics 4.23.11

My bridal shower

Bridal shower- jacket by Derek Lam

This is what the jacket looked like. I had my tailored to be shorter. I think
way cuter :)

How amazing is the back!!!!!

Im obsessed with this black jacket I got at Barneys. Not sure the brand- will have to look

Its cropped in the back.. How amazingg

Jeans by citizen of humanity. I have them in Light and Dark.. love

New makeup style. 

G.T L? not so much L LOL

Tan vest by Helmut Lang <3


  1. Looking amazing as usual!

    I love the first shirt that you wore with the super flared jeans and the Chanel necklace. Who is it by?!

  2. love your style!

    love the last pic

    where are your tight white jeans from?

    please do posts everyday


  3. @J- aww thank you. I got it at Intermix- It's "exclusive" on their website under shirts.

    @anon- the last 2 pics are actually super light wash jeans by AG- the white skinnies are Jbrand :) xx

  4. Looking AMAZING as always!!!! Love all your outfits!! Please post pics of your wedding...Thanks for sharing xoxo

  5. What r is the brand of the gym pants you have on at the tanning salon? Super cute:)

  6. Love your blog!!! Who is the black cropped jacket by? Its so cute!!! Thanks lady!

  7. Where's ur workout stuff from?

  8. Hey Jennifer:)
    What brand is that leopard tank and the grey shirt at the very end?

    Thanks girl!

  9. Jen, you have a wonderful taste in style. You're so well put together. Would you like to be my stylist? heehee. Just kidding. You're an inspiration for the petie women out there. Also the last photo made me laugh because of your facial expression. Congrats on your bachelorette party and all your success. -Carmen

  10. Your style is constantly amazing every day..I am so jealous!

    Where do you buy the leather jackets? I think theres a pink one and a cream colored one...they are so cute!

  11. I love your leather jacket?! what brand is it from?? thanks


  12. Hey Jen, love the new post, i know you must be mad busy with wedding preps but I can't wait for the vid on your exercise routine and your nighttime makeup vid! I hope this isn't too personal but I wanted to ask if you shave or wax your body hair? Take care xo

  13. Can u plz let me know what brand r ur gym outfit. Thank u

  14. Love the post! You are so Beautiful...will you please do a makeup tutorial with your new makeup look you posted?

  15. wherees the workout outfit from??

  16. You look so fabulous!

    Love your workout clothes (which brand are they?). Also like to wear nice clothes to the gym. Could you post more sportswear pics ?
    xo Agnes

  17. hi jen!
    just wanted to say love your blog & saw u this weekend in vegas in your adorable bridal bikini..your gorgeous!!!!!!1 xox kim

  18. Hey Jenn- where is that workout outfit from? Love it so much!!! Congrats on your wedding coming up!

  19. You have the best style :D Congrats on your wedding!! I love how you tailored the Bridal jacket..ur so creative <3 Absolutely LOVE every outfit!! the red loubs are TDF :) look amazing on u

  20. Hey Jen, loving your decoden phone! just though i let you (and everyone else) know that you can actually buy pre made decoden phone covers on ebay and etsy - super cute!
    Also where did you get our black and yellow work out top - so hot :)

  21. you're so pretty:)
    have u always been this skinny? should show us a picture of u in highschool:P

  22. @anon- aww TY- YES a wedding blog coming after my wedding :) MAybe ill do one of my colors and flower choices and what not before ?!?!? xx

    @anon- The Gym Pants i have on are by Elisabetta Rogiani. They sell them at my gym in the little boutique (Equinox) :).

    @anon- I cant read the name on the tag. Im going to post the tag and see if anyone can help me out. All I know is I got it at Barneys and it's cropped lol. I think it's Italian <3

    @Barb- The Pants are Elisabatta Rogiani and the top is my a company I was going to model for called Lino Fitness. You can find it on ebay as well :) All made in Brazil and super cute cuts... I LOVE gym clothes- Ill do a blog on my favs

    @ashley- "leopard" shirt is by Chelsea Flower from Intermix and the Grey shirt is by Splendid :)

    @anon ( carmen )- ahahah aww thank you- my face is very animated always. That photo shows my personality very such compared to the reg straight face mirror pics LOL. Thank you so much- My style has deff evolved from when I was younger to now at 26. Your so sweet and thank you so much for commenting and reading my blog xoxoxox

    @Sarah E- Aww thanks girly- I got them ON SALE at intermix. Some of them are or were on the website but they also had them in store!! They are super cute and fit great.. xx

    @KOreaNY- Thanks girly- the jacket I got on sale at INtermix and its by Cut25 !!

    @anon- I share everything on here lol.. I normally shave- but will give myself a brazilian from time to time. LOL yes give myself. I used to be an esthetician at a hair salon I worked at when I was 18 so it's simple for me. Yes I am super busy right now with the bikini line and wedding plans- BUT i promise after my wedding you will have videos and more frequent blog posts :) xx

    @anon- The Pants are Elisabatta Rogiani and the top is my a company I was going to model for called Lino Fitness xx

    @anon - aww thank you- wyes a new makeup video will come soon. x

    @anon- The Pants are Elisabatta Rogiani and the top is my a company I was going to model for called Lino Fitness

    @anon-The Pants are Elisabatta Rogiani and the top is my a company I was going to model for called Lino Fitness- super cute work out clothes. I have a ton- I too like to look cute at the gym- makes you feel more motivated

    @Kim- you were in VEGAS when I was there and didnt come and say hello??!?!?!?!?!!!? wahh- you should have come over - lol.. next time and thank you so much hahah

    @anon- aww thank you- The Pants are Elisabatta Rogiani and the top is my a company I was going to model for called Lino Fitness- super cute stuff

    @Alegra- aww thanks girly!!!

    @amy-yes etsy always has cute stuff.

    @anon- aww thankyou- yes iv always been super skinny. I will post a pic from when I was 14 later.. Its so funny xx

    Thanks again girls for checking out my blog. After my wedding I will do more frequent posts and videos xoxoxo

  23. OMG, where should I start! First of all you have so sweet puppy the same as I have, second your bags(Chanel and LV) are perfect, to die for, and those Louboutin red and YSL(I guess) nude pumps are crazy! Girl, you have an amazing style! I am waiting for my first Alexander McQueen skull scarf to arrive from London and I am so happy!

    hugs and kisses by Mani.

  24. hi jen,
    follow your blog, and i loooove it:) you're such an inspiration!! u are naturally a beautiful woman.
    I love you're watch! Is it a Rolex?

  25. @mani- Ahhh thank u.. Yes love my Alexander McQueen scarves! What color did you get?

    @anon- aww thank u so much... Yes it is. xx

  26. You are so adorable :) in the last pic you resemble Eva Longoria, but in my opinion you are way hotter than her :D love all your pics, your style is very classy chic. I can't wait to start on my new wardrobe (after I get my BA in July). All my clothes I have now I've had for a LONG time, and it's time for an update (as soon as I get my BA I'm buying one of your suits, I'm thinkin "Bada Bing" they are TDF sexy, like you hehe). I remember one of your recent posts about clothes from Korea, it's funny cuz before I read that on your blog I had like 15 different sites like causewaymall saved on my comp. Their fashions are so cute :)
    Can't wait for more posts!! Keep us updated on the wedding, we all know you'll look like a princess <3

  27. Hey - is your ring David Yurman, also I love your hair are they extensions?

  28. you have an amazing sense of style ! im loving those peachy colored skinny pants. where did you get them ?!

  29. WOW you are beautyful! Your style is amazing!

  30. Hi, love your style. What brand are all the jeans in this post? And I saw someone else comment that you're petite? How talll are you if you don't mind me asking and how do you make clothes fit? Especially jeans. I love my 7s but even with heels and the smallest size, they're too long for me.

  31. Jennifer, I love your style so so so much! I think this is my second time reading your blog all the way through. One question: Where did you get the white button down shirt you wore under the black blazer that's cropped in the back? I love the details. :} Keep blogging! totally love it!