Monday, July 11, 2011

Daily Mirror Pics 7.11.11

Eeee!!!! So much has gone on since my last *DMP* post so I apologize it has been a while.
Here are a few recent fun outfits. Any items you would like to know who they are by or where they are from- leave a comment and I will include it in the follow up post :) 
Leather leggings <3

coming to

Keeping it sexy for my hubby- got this little number on sale at Victoria Secrets :)

Bikini from

Obsessed with this shirt. Ready for Greece :)

All open in the back <3


Photo fun!!!


One of my FAV sunglasses- limited edition Pink sparkle with Silver hardware LV. Love the lens color


Right now Im loving
-bright colors
-knit tops
-silk and chiffon "see through" shirts
-lacey bras

Im not a huge fan of stripes HOWEVER I find myself buying and wearing them alot

Seems to be a trend now. Iv had full bangs a few years ago and hated it. I think Im just going to the way my bang parts

You can never go wrong with nude

Im loving the aqua come back. It looks amazing on any skin tone and hair color. I even add it under my bottom lashes

Bright colors this summer is the way to go.
Recent New Additions:
OBSESSED!!! New Pink LV clutch  .. amazing

This is my new LV day bag- it's huge but the color goes with anything.

My girl friend recently turned me onto these nail stickers. They last for a long time and are super cute

Lace design. She got them at RiteAid- under $10 !!!

Thanks for reading. I look fwd to your comments and questions :)



  1. Love the mirror pics! Where did you get that gorgeous Orange open back top?

  2. Hi! Where did you get the see-through shirts and orange open back shirt from? Love them/ need your closet :)


  3. absolutely love when you do these post!! ok.. share where did you get the top that you are obsessed with ready for greece and the pink romper!! you are stunning! xo

  4. where did you get the sheer tops from?? i love them!!

  5. Looking HOT as always!!!! Love it!!!

  6. Thanks Jen for the post you look great as always!
    Can you do a sunglasses post soon? I need some cute new glasses for summer :)

  7. WHo made the white jean shorts? Love them!!

    And the sheer shirts? Thanks!

  8. hahha i spy the little pups humping in the back on one of the pics :-P

  9. omg where is that open back pumpkin color top from what brand???? OBSESSED.

  10. Hey Jen i have an off the topic subject...did you ever find out what the name of that hair wond you used was called? Or maybe you could let me knw of a good name brand one to buy? Like one you wud use?? Thanks girl :)

  11. In the picture under your sexy for the hubby pic, are the grey(?) platform pumps you're wearing YSL?

    love all the pics :)

  12. Youre soooo pretty, I love your blog and how down to earth you seem. I would like to know who makes the sheer striped tank, the orange tank, the patterned romper youre wearing with the skinny brown belt, the shorts youre wearing with the bow headband crop top and orange flip flops and the pink romper. Pretty much everything lol. Do you think you could do an interior design/house tour post at some point?

  13. Hi!!!! Please tell us where u got that pink (coral?) banded romper. Its adorable and the open back shirt. u have good style girl!

  14. Love that orange top! Where is it from? x

  15. Where did you get the grey blouse from?(1st & 2nd pic) You look great! Would like to see you blogging more frequently:)

  16. I've also tried the Sally Hansen nail strips love it and they last for awhile which is great. I love the jeans you are wearing in the 12 pic and the shoes(wedges) on the 20th pic do you mind sharing where you got them thank doll! great outfits! xo

  17. hi jen, You are magnificent, I wanted to know what is the brand of your extensions if you have it? Thank you, kisses

  18. Could you take pics of the Christian Louboutin Pampas shoes on? They look fab!

  19. Where is that purple romper from? Cute!!

    Btw, did you notice a big difference from the saline implants to the silicone implants? What do you prefer and why? :)

  20. Love the post! Can you tell us where you got the black and white striped see though shirt from? What color bra are you wearing underneath--black? Also where you got the fushia romper from... SO FABULOUS! Thanks Gorgeous! Keep blogging we miss you! XoXo

  21. Girl what is the name of the illamasqua nail polish you have on in the pics? The peachy looking color??
    Thanks Girl you look great in the pics!

  22. hi do you get your brows waxed or threaded?? They look awesome, also do you have veneers? Im thinking about getting them??? thanks girl love the blog! - Rachel

  23. Hi!
    First of all congrat to u cos of ur wedding and wish u and ur hubby: love ,health and happines :-)
    I love ur blog!I love to read ur posts about everything.I noticed u have wonderfull bodyshape!
    I started to go in the gym 3 months ago...and i am there at 2-3 times a week.I'd like u to ask about ur working proceed.Can u write a post about ur gym programs?Id like that arms and legs what u have!I affraid of having big legs wich I dont want !And arms..Id like some nice shaped legs and arms.Can u help?Sorry for my english..but I am not american !
    Take care!

  24. That pink LV clutch is amazing. Can I find it on the website or is it only in stores?

  25. omgosh i neeed that orange top thats 'ready for greece'

  26. Jen what are those adorable bracelets your wearing in the last pic with the bell bottoms on and the colorful top??? Theres two of them. Very cute!!

  27. THE PINK ROMPER OHHH MY GOD. Where. I need it.

  28. Thanks for the updated posts! I love how you put together your outfits! What brand are your flair jeans? Also, I really love the sheer cropped navy polka dot top, as well as the black and white striped top, and the long-sleeve netted sweater. Would love to know the brand/where to purchase :)

  29. Jennifer,

    What nail polish/brand color do you wear? The pale pink color and white/opaque shade? I searched your blog but didn't see a post on it just others colors.


  30. HI ladies.. I wasnt able to answer these quick enough so Im going to do a separate post on it so you will all see where the items are from. Thank you again for the love and support.. Blog coming soon :) xx

  31. I felt in love with Your Lv day bag. Is the color Ivory?

  32. You have a wonderful Blog honey, your fashion sense is great! Looking forward to reading more :)