Saturday, July 23, 2011

Daily Mirror Pics: Greece Edition 2

Another day here in Greece and just a few new outfits but some great outfit pics sent to me from my fav Sales girl and Stylist from Intermix; Sherita <3
Enjoy :)
Swam in the ocean today. Bikini by Have Faith (fama bikini) and skirt by Jen's pirate booty

Tonight we went to town for icecream and stopped in a store to get sneakers. Top
from Intermix- Jeans by Frankie B

New outfits I just bought from Intermix- styled by Sherita (Robertson Intermix)..
LOVING these pants- and the shirt is so cute with those buttons.

Love this- Not sure who they are by- but in stores now at Intermix

Yes to the blue shirt. NO to the red skirt.

Dress by Parker, Shoes by YSL- the bag I already have- clutch from YSL.

Parker Dress from Intermix.

First off how beautiful is my stylist Sherita  <3
Second- how amazingly cute is this dress by Theory. Paired with the olive patent YSL shoes
again.. Soo cute cant wait to get home and wear it <3

Snake skin print top by Equipment- shorts by Jbrand- they are waxed; not leather

So pretty.. waiting fro her to send me a pic of ideas on how to wear this since
its' see-through.

Obsessed with this shirt from Elizabeth and James. One of my fav companies
Sweater by Rag and Bone. I deff snagged this one up. So cute for fall
And a cute pic of myself and my bestie from NY Blair.. Her shoes are by Jessica Simpson
See she has on a lacey bra too. Looks so cute paired with a high waisted skirt
and the bright blue shirt tucked in.. LOVE
I have on a Romper from Intermix- which also comes in Blue... which i have too...
I have a problem 

My Obsession:
Fast becoming one of Mulberry’s most iconic bags, the Oak Alexa is a modern day must-have. Inspired by Mulberry muse Alexa Chung, it’s design is a fabulous cross between the classic Bayswater and the Mulberry briefcase. Ultra versatile, the messenger design can be worn across the body or held in the crook of your arm. Everyday luxury at its best.

I just bought the oversized alexa bag in oak, slightly lighter than the one pictured above on alexa.

Get the Look for less... H&M and Forever21 both made replicas for under $50.00.

JUST BOUGHT THESE !!!! Im loving them for fall or with shorts.. Boots by acne and on sale at

How do you feel about these?!?!? I cant decide but iv been wanting white shoes for a while.
Obsessed with this shirt and pant for fall... <3 

Hope you enjoyed todays Blog entry.. Ill post again tomorrow.. xoxox Jennifer


  1. Omg Jenn can you go to Greece all the time pleaseee..2 blogs in one day! I'm loving that u have the time there to blog often :)Great posts and love when u post about current sales going on. You did that once with Jenn's Pirate Booty and I ordered a bunch of stuff! One more thing I have to ask lol...I noticed you wrote that u went into town for ice cream. Do you eat ice cream occasionally? Bc in a previous post ice cream was under the list of items you do not eat. I've been eating super healthy and clean lately and even got the brown rice pasta you mentioned, so I'm wondering if you do indulge sometimes? Thanks love. xx

  2. Very cute clothes, love the dress. I also love the over sized bag!

    Little Petite

  3. Do you send your swimsuits to Serbia? kisses MIMI

  4. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Glad you are enjoying your vacation, I'm definitely envious! You buy the best pieces without fail. Every time I see your blog I find something I want to buy... you are an enabler for sure but Im loving these posts so keep them coming!!!!
    Take care


  5. hi jen! you look so great without makeup!! Do you get facials while away? will you post some pics of where you guys are staying and some places you go to down there??? xoxooxox jessie

  6. we need an updated makeup and skincare regime post. Also a diet post too. We havent had any of those in a long time.

  7. You are gorgeousssss!!! I love all of these outfits!!!

    XOXO, CC

  8. @steph- aww thanks so much.. Its super easy to blog here bc Im 10 hrs ahead of California and 7 from NY- I have my day and then at night I blog :).. As for eating ice cream- I barely eat it ever. BUT im on vaca and dieted hard for 2 weeks prior to Miami Fashion Week> Its good to have a "cheat" day once a week so ensure that your body doesnt become used tot eh diet and stop reacting to it... if that makes sense. xx

    @Little - aww thanks so much- its a great day bag

    @anon- yes we send world wide <3

    @ J- hahaha im sorry about that LOL... hopefully you find the purchases worth it <3

    @anon- aw thanks so much. I give myself facials while im away. Ill post my mask and such soon xoxo

    @anon- so true.. will try to incorporate my diet into my daily posts xx

    @miss-cupcake- LOVE the name btw- and thank you so much :) xx

  9. yes will you do a blog for an in home facial and all the products you use?? Thanks Jen!!!

  10. Im eager to purchase some of the havefaith bikinis! I found you from following Morgan Brittany and watched your Mercedes Benz fashion show. Congrats on your success and I have found your blog to useful! You're a gorgeous entrepreneur with great style. I admire your tenacity! Keep up the blogging please. Greece is beautiful!