Saturday, July 23, 2011

Daily Mirror Pics: Greece Edition

So Im in Greece on a Pre- honeymoon and Vaca for the next month which is super exciting to blog about since they have amazing fashion and finds. And Im so relaxed that ill be able to blog almost daily to share trends, finds and styles with you.  One of my favorite things about being here is the magazine shop in town. My husband and I go every morning and I pick up new magazines from Greece, France and Italy. I cant understand a damn thing BUT the pictures and editorials are amazing and gives me great design ideas and inspiration for myself as well as my swimwear line.  <3

Tank from Intermix by Gryphon. Shorts from Intermix by Sivy

Love the back of the shirt and the big arm holes.. Perfect to show off
a lacey bra.. Mine is by La Perla
Grey "angel" T by Blue Life and Sivy Shorts

Little sundress by Free People with big slouchy bag black flips and matching black cardigan 

White lace tank and white Sivy shorts.  White Lace tank was under $10
from Rainbow. Belt by Prada

New Have Faith Swimwear bikini- part of the 2012 St.Tropez collection.

Romper from Intermix <3
Back stage at Fashion week in 3 new Have Faith Bikinis- part of the 2012 collection.

Just picked up some magazines. Will post some great pics later today.


  1. omg i love that romper!! i LOVE your blog and it will become my new fav place to go for style and beauty!! thank you!

  2. I cant find the lace top...can you help? Thanks Jen :) :)!!!

  3. greece is such a beautiful place for sure! I chose bora bora for honeymoon, and stayed in St. Regis hotel for 2 weeks... You would love this place for sure. For sure the best! You look very pretty Jennifer xoxo

  4. Hey girl what is the website for the lace shirt?

  5. Jenni you look beautiful... you are very classy... one little question... the maxi dress you wore by saint grace (with yellow stripes) what size do you have?

  6. love every single one of your outfits you post!! everytime!! love it! the romp may need to be a purchase soon... have a great stay in greece you look so relaxed! keep the pics coming doll! xo

  7. I really like your bikinis! Great collection!

    hugs and kisses by Mani.

  8. @anon- aww thank you so much <3

    @anon- I got it at Rainbow in Miami. They came in all different colors. Maybe call the store- maybe they will ship- its located on Franklin ave in south beach or miami beach. Would be worth it- they are so cute and soo cheap.

    @anon- we are going to go there maybe next year for a vaca.. I deff want to stay in one of those little huts on the water lol xx

    @anon- the store is called rainbow- But i couldnt find it myself on the website.. Maybe call the store ?!? or look up stores near you and see if they have them..

    @anon- the maxi dress ?!?! ill have to check my posts and get back to you I cant remember it

    @fifi- thanks fif xx

  9. I love all the pictures. You're gorgeous!

  10. Jennifer you look like a goddes with Alki... You both look truely happy and in love... Jenni what are the jeans you are wearing in your latest photo from greece ( with the LV belt) ? Along with the white top?

    You dont understand how happy I am that you respond to my (our) questions... Especially about the brand names of the clothing you are wearing... You for sure choose the best clothes... no one compares to you, trust me...

  11. Jenni the maxi long dress you wore with a leather jacket in your recent daily mirror... it is by saint grace from intermix (it is grey with yellow stripes) what size? I love your daily mirror pics, and any pics that you post... You are more interesting in every way, then any magazines with models or celebrities!!! xoxo

  12. @steal- Thank you so much xoxo

    @anon- aww thank you- the jeans are Fankie B and the Shirt is from Intermix. Will get name and post in the a.m so late here

    @anon Ohh _ I think I got a size xs in tha dress - if it comes in that.. If not for sure a small. AWWWW so sweet.. thank you so much. I love that you girls love and enjoy the blog posts - It's what keeps me wanting to post.

    Till tomorrow

  13. Hey Jen! Thanks for sharing! How do you keep your buns-thighs cellulite free?

  14. Jenn you look amazing, please tell me what you do to have such a great tan, and one more thing your eyelashes are beautiful did you change mascara (you used to use Lancome) Kisses darling MIMI

  15. jen plssss tell me when the bikinis are going to be available. can i please buy them all now - your 2012 collection?!!! lol also are you going to put out the handcuff bikini soon?

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  17. wow who are your gorgeous models??

  18. Hi Jen!im really interested in ur bikinis!mostly the jasmine style turquoise-blue which u r wearing on the pic!when will they be available?im looking forward!u r stunning!!!xoxo