Wednesday, December 21, 2011

New Makeup Haul !!

Notice my much smaller upper lip and lighter locks.. I took out all
the filler in my upper lip :) FYI
Not that I needed anything but I was totally craving new makeup.. I had been browsing youtube videos and after hearing different peoples reviews on makeup I decided to buy some they recommended and test them out myself.

I went to sephora with my list and bought a bunch of stuff which I am so excited to share with you.. I haven't tried everything out just yet- but I just listed everything anyway so you can go try them out if you fancy ;)

 This is the first time since I was probably 16 years old that I bought an Urban Decay eye shadow.. The packaging feels "young" to me... But SO many girls were aways talking about their shadows and how great the pigments were that I decided to give it a try.. I tested a bunch in the store and fell in love. So here are the shades I bought. ( pictured above)

As you can see I tend to go for the gold, warm neutral shades.. Like I needed more of those colors.. I didn't- But, you like what you like. 

 Like I said I didn't have a chance to try out all of these shades yet- BUT I'm on the hunt for a great makeup travel case and plan on taking them all with me on my Holiday travels!!!

A few weeks ago I ordered the Urban Decay Naked2 eye shadow kit. It was sold out everywhere so I bought mine on Ebay... I paid double- but I didn't know if they would come out with more again or not. Sephora has the Naked "1" palette in stores, which I was told contains warmer shades? I may go grab that one too..

Then I moved over to Nars.. I don't' really know what I was looking for but I saw these 2 shades and thought they were really pretty and different from anything I have. So I picked them up

I also picked up a few things that I currently use but had run out of.
1. Clinique- makeup remover
2. YSL #7 lipstick
3. Smashbox- Cream eyeliner in Cavior
4. Smashbox slanted eyeliner brush #21
5. NEW- Guerlain 'Meteorites' Illuminating & Mattifying Pressed Powder

Guerlain 'Meteorites' Illuminating & Mattifying Pressed Powder


Whats in her Bag?!?!?

I was cleaning out my bag the other day and thought.. Why not do a post on 'whats in "her" bag' ... I would LOVE to know what other girls keep in their bag, hand bags, makeup bags and so on.. So I thought I would start small and begin with my makeup bag that I keep in my hand bag everyday.

Left to right:
1. KEVYN AUCOIN - eye lash curler. - I used to use the shu uemura eye lash curler and swore by it. But the KA one works just as good but opens wider making it way easier to curl your lashes. Get KA at Barneys :)

2. Nars- Belle De Jour Lipstick

3.MAC- cremesheen glass in- Right Image

4. Helena Rubinstein Mascara- Lash Queen Feline Extravaganza

5. MAC lipsticks in- Creme cup, Hug Me, Angel, Hue

6.Yves Saint Laurent 'Rouge Volupté' Lipstick- #7 Lingerie Pink

7. Nars- Velvet Matte Lip Pencil- in Belle De Jour

8. Chanel- lipgloss in Glaze and ( ? )

9. Nars- Turkish Delight lip gloss

10. MAC lip pencil in - stripdown

11. Kevyn Aucoin lipliner in Medium

12. Tik Tacs

13. Laura Mercier- lip stain pot in Peach Glaze

14. Lip brush

15. Misc.. Tampons, Pain meds, tooth pick, lighter, boby pin...

9021Go Store Opening Party
The 9021Go Boutique opening party was such blast.. I had my Hair and Makeup done at my house with my girl and new business partner Lilly Ghalichi by Etienne Ortega. I haven't had my hair and makeup done professionally like this in a long time and even my husband noticed a difference. 

The dress I wore is by Herve Leger. I wore it last NYE but recently had it shortened which gave it  a whole new look.
My shoes were from Christian Dior's Runway show- purchased at Saks.
Earings were the ones I wore on my wedding day by Pnina Tornai
Bag- Barbie pink by Dior
Ring- Roberto Cavalli

A bunch of celebs came out for the Opening! A few of my favs were two of the Housewives of Beverly Hills; Camille Grammar and Kyle Richards. They were both super nice and just as if not even more beautiful in person. Janice Dickinson was also there and is a regular at the boutique.
Janice Dickinson, Kyle Richards, Camille Grammer and myself on the PINK Carpet :) 

New housewife ?!?!?
Camille Grammer and I
The hottest business partner ever- Lilly Ghalichi and I.. We merged our swim lines which we now call Have Faith- Swimgerie !! Hottest Bikini designers in Beverly Hills

Playboy model Miss March Ashley Mattingly 
The super tiny and super HOT Marianna Hewitt <3

Kelly Nishimoto - designer of the most amazing track suites called 'My Cute Booty/ Cute Booty wear '. Her bottoms have a scrunch butt just like my bikinis!!! 

Obsessed Dior shoes <3 and Rock Star gel pedi by Chi Nail Bar in Beverly Hills!!

My sexy ass hubby Alki David <3 Look how cute his LV shoes are..I picked them out.

I LOVE them!
A little something Extra
Whats coming in 2012 for Have Faith Swimgerie !!!!!
Finally underwire push up bikini tops.. YAY for boobies!!

I look forward to your comments and suggestions.. Any fav makeup items your love please share with everyone !!!


Happy Holidays

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I totally forgot:

I don't know why this pic didn't load in my blog..
Lately I have been noticing that i always get black under my eyes from my mascara. No matter what I do it always ends up there... I normally use Lancome Hypnose and swear by it.. Maybe it's bc I use latisse and my eye lashes are so long.. Either way- Im hunting for a new mascara that won't fall under my eyes.

There is a "new"( new for me) line in Sephora called Hourglass? Anyone know anything about it? I bought their Mascara in black, a Lip gloss in Siren red and a Nude lip liner pencil. I have to say I really love the quality of their products. The lip packaging is ok- LOL but that me just being picky. The lip color Siren red is amazing and almost looks like metallic on the lips.. If you like red I suggest trying this one out. I will post a pic of me with it on later.

Then I also picked up Dior Show Iconic mascara also in black.. I used to use and LOVE dior show. and Then I tried the Blackout and loved and now Im trying this one. Don't know how I feel yet.
 Please someone tell me what your favorite dior mascara is... And what the difference is.

Then I got Tarte- Ephaseyes to highlight my bottom inner lips.. It will help open and brighten my eyes...

And last but not least- I picked up Lorac 3D Liquid Lustre... I thought originally it would serve as a base for my MAC startles.. But it is actually beautiful on its own.. Theres so many uses for it- will blog some of my favs. 


  1. yes! totally excited about the underwire bathing suit! my big boobies cant do triangle top, its not cute. they need the support!

  2. Nice haul!! I desperately want some 'naked' type of colours as well!! Lovely for the day! I saw the have faith bikini on your twitter and I love it! It's nice to have a bit of lift ;) Also your and lily's looks combined would totally become a twin of kim kardashian aha! :) Laura x

  3. The most beautiful girl in the world<3 kisses from Poland b

  4. Love the makeup you picked out, I love Urban Decay eyeshadows the colors lasts and stays! You will live the Naked2 but you should also get The Naked, the colors looks almost the same but i feel they are different. I have both and love both of them the same, I know you will like it. Your hair looks fabulous love the curls and color! Great pics! Xo

  5. Wow you look amazing and I love your hair! :)

  6. Hey my name is Sarah, Jennifer, you are very beautiful, I love your style, your make up, your face, you!! Yeah I love you!! XD kisses. Happy Christmas and a good New Year <3 XOXO!!

  7. i love your post. i know your busy but i love when you post new stuff. also for me you do a great job when you do you own makeup, either way you are beautiful. oxox

  8. Hi Jenn! I have a question...I just bought the smashbox curved eye liner brush and I use it with Mac blacktrack liquid liner. However, I noticed after one use the brush became hard and stiff when I went to use it again. Do you clean the brush after every use? I'm wondering if you have any advice. Thanks! xoxo

  9. Jen Love love love the new blog as usual!! your stunningg! Would you be able to tell me what kind of make up you wore for the opening of your store ( it looks flawless!) Keep up the good work girl!! <3

  10. You look gorgeous Jennifer! I love that lil Gucci makeup pouch! I have the one with the little bamboo tassel zipper and I love it!

  11. what color lipstick are you wearing at the 9021go party and what is ur fav red lipstick? thanks girl ur the best :)

  12. lol o man i would lovee to know the total cost of all that makeup!!! haha :) and you looked stunning at your opening part :) xo

  13. You need to go and get Dior 'Black Out' mascara. I have used so many mascaras and I swear by this mascara, it is amazing!

  14. Yes a new post!! Jen you look FAB in those pictures and your lips look so natural now. On another note, I tend to use mascara from MAC called "plush lash" as a part of my daily make up routine. It's a fat brush so it gives a lot of volume. I use Dior Show mascara for special occasions because it's the best mascara ive EVER tried and I don't want to waste it! I would recommend it to anyone because it lengthens, adds volume and gives you these "Bambi" eyelashes. This may sound a bit weird but the stuff in the mascara tube kind of smells like carrots lol! Anyways, happy holidays Jen and thanks for sharing with us!! -Jess

  15. In my makeup bag 1. Loreal lip gloss in grape soda 2. LM peach lip stain 3. Eye drops 4. Josie moran makeup wipes 5. Paula dorf baby eyes eye pencil 6. Shumura eye lash curler 6. Lash discovery mascara 7. Burts bees chapstick 8. Eye cream by origins ( I pat it on my eyes sometimes) also learned a trick to give a dewy awake look when your out you can dab a tiny bit of water on the top of your cheek bone. Or use rose water mist in your bag. Maybe even evian water spray.

  16. What foundation brush do you own? Recommend? THX <3

  17. if you like warmer shades you'll love the original Naked palette too! it's my go to eyeshadow for sure! Also try Lorac's Little Black Paletee..the colors are sick! Metalicc neutrals :)

  18. PS - - I recently purchased the Xposed bikini...IN LOVE with it..fits amazingly, can't wait to get more :)


  19. yay i cant wait for your underwire bikini tops! <3

  20. Great make up haul! You look fantastic in the HL dress but how annoying is it when the bust bits don't match up with where your bust actually ends? Story of my goddam life.

  21. The Herve Leger dress you wore is amazing, but it's probably not available at any stores or websites now? Did you shorten the dress? Did it cost you much?

    Where did you buy the barbie pink Dior bag? I haven't found it anywhere, it's gorgeous! :)

    Btw, will the underwire bikini tops come in sizes for girls with bigger boobs (small band size, but bigger cup size) as well?

  22. Hey gorgeous! Can you do a makeup tutorial vid doing day makeup AND night makeup..this way we can see how you apply the make up you got in the haul? Thanks!

  23. Hello Jennifer! Happy Holidays and thanks for the new makeup post! Perfect Holiday treat:)

    Do you have any recommendations or favorites when it comes to a thick, full coverage powder??? I tried the Makeup 4 Ever HD foundation but felt it didn't make a difference in coverage or give me flawless skin. Any tips would be much appreciated!

    I'm also looking forward to any exercise or healthy eating tips you might have. Your last few posts on the subject were very helpful and informative. Please post more because it's my new years resolution to become healthier and fit. Thanks & your blog is fabulous!!!

  24. Hey Jenn! Just wondering where did you purchase that Gucci cosmetic case? It's super cute & I love the pop of pink on it! Thanks!

  25. Ughhh that fur is to die for!!

  26. hi jenn! i love your hair!! so i was wondering what color u used for the ends of ur hair?? xo

  27. hey jenn! i had a question for you, so i was wondering for your lip injections wat does the dr use? juvederm ? or something else?? looking forward to hearing from u, xo

  28. hi jenn, i was wondering what you inject to ur lips, and if it is juvederm ?? bcoz ive gotten my lips done 5 times in between 2 months bcoz juvederm doesnt seem to work for me.

  29. HAPPY HOLIDAY LADIES!!!!!! Thank you so much for your comments ..
    To answer a few questions-
    @stephanie- Yes.. my brush becomes hard swell after an application with the black track. Just brush it on a towel to loosen it up :)

    @Keri- It was done by a friend of mine- Etienne Ortega. We are going to do a makeup video. I don't know all of the makeup he used ;-/

    @anon- At the opening party I wore Cremecup lipstick by MAC and My fav red would be Gabrielle by Chanel- classic red.

    @anon- I use MAC brush #130 to apply my foundation :)

    @Vanessa- Aw thank you. The HL dress I bought over a year ago so it's probably not around in stores anymore. I did shorten it and it cost me $60 through the HL store. The dior bag was the last in that color at the Dior store on Rodeo- I believe its from their summer line ?!?!

    @anon- I got the gucci case online- they have more of a selection but again its from last year.

    @NK- For the ends of my hair they used bleach and then applied a toner around a level 8 to the ends :) Its called Ombre

    @anon- I used the thickest juvederm they make- its the newer juvederm. i forget what exactly its called. But it creates a lot of volume. Mine dint go away for over a year - thats why I had to take mine out,


    Thanks again girls. I hope you all have an amazing holiday and a Happy New Year.. I'll blog again soon.

  30. Just love Ur blog I was wondering how u get Ur skin so smooth n perfect? Wat peels n stuff do u use I'm considering Botox. But would love to have Ur flawless skin please help :)

  31. Hey Jennifer! Yay...You know I always love new blog post! Congrats again on your exciting! And you and Lily really look like did y'all meet?

    As far as mascara's...right now I'm using Lancome Hypnose. I want to try the Lancome Doll Lashes...have you tried it yet? As far as Dior I've tried all of their's but love the DiorShow the best. Have you tried the Guerlain mascara in the gold tube. It's a little pricey but I used it for my wedding and seriously LOVED it!

    I love the what's in her bag too! Can you do another one for your whole bag, not just makeup bag?

    Thanks and Happy Holidays!

  32. Hi prety!!! Very nice to meet you, I don't know now how I found your bloog... But I'm in love with everything you show, my name is Adriana Olsen ,I'm Brazilian and marriage and I live in Tenerfe Spain and 38 years old and I have been enjoin a lot your boog... And is funny we have a lot in common...thanks for the adyvise in diet , clothes, gym and make ups... I love all...

  33. hey jen! just wondering what nail polish your wearing in the have faith 2012 bikini preview posted above? its a very glittery gold. Also, i love your new lighter hair, but can you please post a picture of your newly colored hair straight so i can see how the highlights look? hope you have a great new year! ill also be visiting LA soon, and will be stopping into 9021GO hope to see you when im there!

  34. The chanel gloss over my CRemecup lipstick by MAc is #148 <3 Happy new year everyone

  35. Really looking forward to hearing some of the Lorac uses and examples! It looks amazing and has great reviews on the site! Looking forward to it arriving so i can start playing around with it!!

  36. I too am makeup obsessed and if you want a mascara that will not budge under your eye I recommend Guerlain Le Deux or Urban Decay Cannonball (the Guerlain one isn't necessarily intended to be water or smudge proof but it just is! It is my HG mascara and the Urban Decay one is also good in combination with the Guerlain or by itself...I just don't like that the Urban Decay one doesn't thicken as much as the Guerlain one does...

  37. How do u get Ur skin so flawless and tight. I totally love Ur style

  38. i love your Have Faith bathing suit line! I gave you guys a great review on my blog (which you kindly thanked me for :)) really looking forward to trying out your 2012 line. Best wishes from NYC (

    xxx -V

  39. @stephanie V- Thank you so much for suggesting your fans. I am going to try them <3 thanks again

    @anon- I have been using Dr Taheri's products and I really believe they have helped a lot. I posted what I am using now in a previous blog.. Search skincare on my blog.

    @Varta- Aw thank you again for that..Some 2012 bikinis should be out in Feb and then each moth new releases all the way till May!! Its very exciting. The bikinis are truly amazing.


  40. hi i liked your style a lot especially your closet tour OMG i really Obsessed with it ,i want to tell that i bought to many items that i saw in the video , actually i want to see more and new items that you have i love your style and it just like what i love to wear
    thank you :)
    huda from ksa

  41. Hi! I know I'm coming "late" to the post here but I thought I'd comment anyway and just take my chances that you see it!

    Totally agree about Urban Decay -- love the products but hate the packaging. Except the NAKED box -- that's OK.

    Your poor little makeup bag looks like it's gonna POP! Mine is like that too. :)

    You mentioned you were looking at makeup guru videos on YouTube ( a favorite pastime of mine! ). Can you share which ones are your favorites?

    Can you give us an update on how you like your new products? I'm particularly curious about the emphasEYES.


  42. Soooooo.....random question, what designer is the sparkly dress that your partner, lily, is wearing?!

  43. I am totally loving your blog! I found you today and loved the story of how you and your husband met. That's amazing!!!! I loved hearing all about the products you like and the LV shoes you picked out for your hubby are cute! My husband has the same ones! :) XO

  44. Armani Eyes to Kill mascara is the best imo! Love you and your blog : )

  45. Jennifer, I am interested in the nauti-escape bikini you have on your have faith website, however Im wanting to know what size you are wearing in the pic above to help me out prior to purchasing. Thanks much!

  46. Lighter?? Do you smoke??