Monday, September 17, 2012

Where to begin ?!?!?!?

No makeup- just mascara.. Notice my much smaller lips ?!?!?

It's been a long time since I have posted. I was in Greece for 3 weeks with my husband as most of you know and then as soon as we arrived back home we have been non stop with work.

My husband recently launched a new station- channel 64 in the LA area called KILM- Filmon (formally KHIZ) . There are a ton of really cool talk shows with amazing hosts - Marianna Hewitt, Raylene Bartolocci, Natalie Nunn, Xixi Yang, Kato Kaelin, Andy Dick, Janice Dickinson and many more. Whats cool about his channel is that it is completely interactive. During the shows they take callers, you can vote online, even cam up and broadcast on which airs at night. I am so proud of him for doing what he loves and giving some of my dear friends the opportunity to get on TV and live their dreams.

Along with the TV channel, Lilly and I have been swamped in the office with orders. Our swimmer line has had an amazing year and I can proudly say our  merger has been a massive success. We are getting ready to go into our "down" season which gives us time to redesign our website, concentrate on 2013 collections and just have some time for ourselves.

I was so excited to get to Greece and be able to cycle the 17mile island 3 times a week at least, however, it was so damn hot I wasn't able to do any type of exercise for the 3 weeks I was there. Thank god I ate clean and healthy- the food there is so amazingly fresh. When I got home I was jet lagged for a good week and a half and so I finally got into the gym last week for the first time in about a month. It's been some time since I posted my workout routine and diet- and since it changes often I will do an updated post soon, I know many of you have been asking and waiting.

I have been feeling a little down lately; depressed even. Yes, a lot of exciting things are going on but my mind and thinking haven't been the most positive. Out of nowhere I received an email from a girl telling me that she started reading the book the secret and how she is following its teachings; thinking positively and manifesting the things she wants in life. I wrote her back thanking her for the email, that it had reminded  me how powerful positive thinking can be and how one negative thought can multiply into many negative thoughts causing stress in ones life. Since that email, I have started thinking positively again and getting my mind back to how it use to be. It's easy to fall off and forget sometimes, and even those who preach to others need a little uplifting every once in a while.
So to Teryn and Yana - Thank you.

I don't know if you know this or not but in January of this year I gave up eating meat. Its been a good 8 months since and I haven't looked back; I still eat fish so I would be considered a Pescatarian. I noticed since giving up meat I became very tired and lazy which is so not me, so last week I went to the Dr's to give blood to test all of my levels, to see what blood type I am because I want to look into Blood Type Diet, and they also ran an allergy test to see if I am allergic to any foods and so on. I can't wait to get my results back and see whats going on in my body.  I also went to Whole foods and picked up a bunch of vitamins; my last multi vitamin was iron free = pointless for me lol. Ill update once I get the results in and explain more about the Blood Type Diet. I hope it doesn't say my body is suppose to eat meat... Yuck!

I think that's about it for now. Ive had my hair and makeup done for a few events by the wonderful and talented Etienne Ortega and I cannot wait to film a tutorial with him. Below are some of the looks we have done together.  I also included a short workout video that my trainer Lauren Kern and I recorded a while ago.  We plan on filming a lot more but it's hard to film around people in the gym.
Any questions please leave a comment :)

Thanks again for checking out my blog, sorry its been so long. I needed a mental break- people can be so mean.


This video is " one round" of exercises I do with Lauren in 1 hour. Depending on how fast I move we will do about 2-3 rounds of exercises which consist of 3-5 different workouts,  3 times each, 15 - 25 reps. I hope that makes sense.  More videos and diet info coming soon.

Recent Random Pics
Lilly Ghalichi and I on Marianna Hewitt's show on !
Watch live on channel 64 in the LA area.

Our House. Fashion Show Party  <3

My Girls. Rachel Bernstein, Mariana Hewitt and Raylene Bartolocci

How cool is the all white dance floor. #beverlyhills #houseparty

I can't wait to tell you whats been going on!!!!!


Lilly Ghalichi and I, we had to have  Izakaya  !!!

Fashion Night out ! My House

Most of my family is this tall... or short. LOL I got my moms genes here! My Aunt Patty <3

Mini Fashion show

The boys Etienne Ortega and Brandin Palestino

Jennifer Stano

Rachel Bernstein and I in my Kitchen

Patiently waiting

How this worked... I have no idea. #filming
Some pictures from my Instagram ------> @JenniferStano

Jennifer Stano, makeup by Etienne Ortega

Updated closet tour coming soon.

No makeup- just mascara.. Notice my much smaller lips ?!?!?

Jennifer Stano

Whole Foods run. Some vitamins I'm taking

Makeup and hair by Etienne Ortega. 

Fashion Night out with my B*tches.
Lilly Ghalichi, Brandin Palestino, Jennifer Stano, Bianca

Fashion Show at my house, Katherine, Jennifer Stano, Mariana Hewitt, Rachel Bernstein

Friends, Robert Ri'chard, Manooshah, Jennifer Stano

My most popular pic on Instagram lol. Hair and makeup by Etienne Ortega

My House.

Work and play. Jennifer Stano #chanel #louboutin

My House. Bun loving

Dinner at Koi. Katherine, Gretchen Rossi , Jennifer Stano

Shopping at Intermix, 2 new dresses.

Filming something exciting!!!!!!!! #bentely #crew #filming

I will always support my friends, Dirty Couture and Cute Booty Wear, My cute Booty. #filming #myhouse
Peep my husbands closet behind me LOL

#Swag Dirty Couture

Wondered how ?!? Now you know. Makeup by Etienne Ortega

 $$ Celine Gold chain sunglasses. $$ Black n Gold

The beautiful Leyla Milani and I . #filming

He completes me.

My little girl smile <3

Thanks for checking out my blog. If you have any questions or comments, please leave below.
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  1. Gorgeous! Especially the ones of you in that white dress. But honey stop with the lip fillers, your lips look fine, you're a beautiful woman.

  2. Gorgy always. I become more and more of a fan of yours every time I read a new blog post from you. You seem so down to earth...yet so out of this world all at the same time. You are my fashion and fitness idol.

    Thank you for sharing your charmed life with the rest of us! <3

  3. Thank you Jen for your update. You are such an inspiration to me. You are truly one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. Keep your spirit's up.. xo

  4. Du är så Vacker = You are very Beautiful in Swedish :) Regards /Tess

  5. Holy crap that workout video just motivated me!! Thanks so much, your clean eating & devotion to working out really show & definitely motivate me to hit the gym hard!

    I notice that whenever I take a hiatus from the gym, it definitely effects my moods... I start feeling a little down... I think you'll feel so much better when you get back into your gym routine!

    xoxo Shauna

  6. Salut Je te trouve très interessante et j'adore ton gôut pour la mode et tes choix vestimentaire
    tu prend soin de toi c un tres bon exemple tu es parfaite et gentille continue ce blog ta vie fait rêver

  7. Woww your amazing! Please do more workout videos <3

  8. Hey Jennifer I just love your blog I check everyday to see if there are new posts! Your a huge I mean Huge inspiration for me! Thank you so much for just being yourself and shareing this with us! And whenever someones cruel words get to you remember those words only truely hurt them! Stay beautiful and kind!

  9. You're the most beautiful woman in the world and i mean it! I love you!!! <3
    Please be so kind and tell me what foundation are you using? Im sure you have thousands of foundations but what's your favourite and what you're using often?? :) I need new foundation and i felt in love with your foundation type, your skin looks so perfect and amazing.

    Please do make up video, i would be happy!:)
    And please answer, i know you have thousands comments but please!!! love you, perfect <3

  10. Hi Jennifer,
    So glad to hear so many exciting things are happening in your life. Hope you will share some more tidbits from your Greece trip with us because I loved all your previous ones. Can't wait for more of your exercise videos. Take care!

  11. Love your blog girlie! The smaller looks suits you well- looks more natural!

  12. What's up with the filming? I am very curious! You look gorgeous, like always.

  13. I couldnt image you depressed, is it because the mean things people say about you online :(
    There strangers and you blessed dont be sad

  14. Nice workout Jenn,have you considered private work out with the trainer at your home, for these exercises - you even do not need the gym at all.if you make your trainer come home there is always nobody around and you can make a video without getting worried.take care

  15. Jen you are so stunning!! Your such an inspiration and give me so much motivation to keep fit!
    I just wanted to know what size is your cartier watch? I love it!!!

  16. Your house party hair was gorgeous!! :) Excited to hear about what you're filming! I'm glad to hear your not dwelling on the negative side, your life is so blessed it's a shame to feel sad for any minute of it. I know your a fan of quotes so here's a good one:
    “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” ― Albert Einstein

    Laura x

  17. When Etienne Ortega does your makeup, what does he use on your skin? Could you list up the diff products? The makeup is so amazing! Esp. foundation, bronzer, contouring & highlighting. Do you know exactly what he used in the pic where he has put on the dark brown contouring, but not yet blended out?

    Oh, and in the most popular Instagram pic, what do you have on your lips and eyes? Stunning pic <3

  18. Wow you know Gretchen Rossi!!! I love her on Real Housewives!

  19. Aww Jenn I am glad you are feeling better babe! It made me really sad to read this bc of the part where you point out that people can be really mean. I know it's hard not to let harsh comments get to you but remember you can't change the whole world but you can change yourself. By that I don't mean to change who you are bc you my love are fabulous! I mean change the way you react to negative comments. You are such a strong, intelligent, classy woman that so many of us admire. Continue to shine! I also don't understand how people can be hurtful when you are so helpful and down to earth! Any question I have asked you via twitter and you have always replied :) You don't need to take time out of your day and do these blogs posts full of valuable info or post a vid on youtube of workouts that you do....but you do and people are so ungrateful. I know I personally respect and admire you and am so grateful for all your wonderful insight on things. Luv ya girl!

  20. Hi Jennifer i NEVER usually comment on blogposts but i really wanted to QUICKLY state how much you have influenced me!
    You are breathtakingly beautiful and so down to earth and it is so positive and refreshing to see a women like you influencing myself and others
    I wish you all the luck in the future and i will carry on enjoying sharing your journey on twitter/IG/your website

  21. the pics are so cute! love the new dresses!!!! and yup, definitely make-up tutorial, please!!!!!!!!

  22. Ive been SO waiting for your new post! The workout is great. And I cant wait for the updated room tour:)

    Keep going :)

  23. I think you are just one beautiful lady, not only on the look but also on the inside as well : )

    Kate xxx

  24. I love you hair! Best oufit on show!

  25. You are beautiful! You have achieved what most girls dream about. Unfortunately, jealousy is a natural instinct for girls because they do not want to be left behind as the ugly duckling. Ignore all the haters. I look forward to your blog posts and thank you for sharing your makeup tips!

    Side note: Whenever I go into Intermix I get sad because I can't afford most of the things. Any chance you can show some more affordable outfits from a more less expensive store or at least show us what you would pick out on the websites?


    1. I am genuinely curious, what has Jennifer achieved except married a rich man? Maybe I am missing something? And if that's what most girls dream about then there is no hope for society.

    2. She had a career before she even met her husband. You obviously don't follow her story because you are just talking out of your ass!

  26. love the post i just love you i swear!!!! what is the makeup you use under your cheek bones???

  27. You are so glamorous! I love when you do blog posts.

  28. Jennifer,

    No more long breaks with your blog! We all missed you! I hope you had a great time in Greece!

    I have been following your blog for I think almost 2 years! It's weird to say but I COMPLETELY relate to you and your life. Except I am here on the East Coast in Boston.

    Listen, I know that a lot of people can't understand why someone with a "perfect" life could be sad, lonely or depressed. BUT I totally get it!
    ( I have actually been dealing and feeling that way lately)
    I feel the same way sometimes and even my own family and friends can't grasp the concept.

    Even though we both have everything in the world we could ever want or image we still go through the same types of fights, relationship struggles, life issues that everyone else goes through. We just do it on a larger scale.

    People (men, women, everyone etc. etc.) will always be jealous, mean, and hurtful. Unfortunately, that will never change. And honestly the more successful, or happy you are the more people will TALK and say awful untruthful things.

    Trust and lean on Alki. My fiance is my rock. Keeps me humble, grounded and gives me the strength every day to conquer the Mean Girls of the World! :)

    You will be ok! And I promise it will get easier to deal with! Manifest good things, and people coming into your life! It works!
    ( At least I tell myself that every day :)

    or if all else fails for the day, F*ck it. Go shopping! Nothing beats retail therapy ;)

    From one lucky girl to another!
    Sending you my love from Boston!

  29. YAY! Finally a new post. I'm a new fan, and I've been checking religiously every day waiting for a new post. Seriously, you're absolutely gorgeous, so down to Earth, and incredibly kind... those three qualities don't usually come together, so you've got the whole package!

    So jealous that you got to hang with Gretchen... she's my favorite OC Housewife! Are you filming a reality show? That would be amazing.

  30. Hi Jennifer, I love your blog! I know you probably can't tell us what it is exactly that you're filming, but that's fine! it keeps us all waiting for the answer :p I am really really really excited for the updated closet tour!!! I like how you did the last one with more detail on your shoes and bags, but I do always like looking at cute dresses, etcetera! Although, to be honest, you could film an hour long closet tour and I would definitely watch the entire thing more than once. Just wanted to say, LOVE your blog, love what you've been doing, and you're doing sucha good job! thanks so much for the amazing fashion advice (even though my credit card hates me by now I'm sure;} ) so thank you so much!!!!

  31. You are SO beautiful! I'm sorry you've been getting hate :( understandable that it can bring you down sometimes but please realize you have so many more fans and people who love you and adore you =)

    Can't wait for more posts~!

  32. Beautiful pictures, you and Lilly are stunning. Can you please post about your new makeup routine or if you can do a video where Etienne does your makeup. You look flawless <3
    Also please check out my boutique

  33. Hi- I absolutely adore your blog :-) I was wondering where your workout pants are from in the video. I looove the low rise!!

  34. Your natural lips look a million times better! Can't wait to watch the workout vid. Also, I was a vegetarian for a year, vegan for three months after that... I LOVE the ideology behind it, but I noticed my body seemed to go downhill a little bit too. I wasn't anemic, and wasn't choosing the healthiest options (which played a role, I'm sure), but once I added meat back in - small portions only a few times a week - I felt and looked loads better. I hope you figure out what stole your mojo, lol. I am a Type O so.... since you are reading about the BTD, you know what that means, lol!! I thought it was an interesting coincidence. Still bummed when I eat meat though, so I keep it to a minimum. Good luck!!

  35. Your honesty is beautiful.

  36. Hello!
    I am very sorry to hear you have been feeling down. I wrote you on facebook a while back and never heard back but it was not a mean email. Just hopefully my message cheered you up! You are such an inspiration, especially your personality!

  37. Jennifer I love you, you are so beautiful and inspirational, I follow you on both twitter and instagram, you post great stuff! I am BEYOND excited for your 2013 Have Faith Swimgerie line!!! Stay perfect

  38. Oh I missed your blogs. Can I just say you in that black and white dress = STUNNING omg you looked a million $$$ in that. And your Blond frined in the other black and white Dress is stunning too. Im a hairdresser and your hair was Divine curled like that. Can I say I think I like Alkis hair better short. I guess just personal preferance but either way you guys look AMAZING!!!! Elesha in Australia

  39. Can you give us a hint as to what your filming?! I CAN'T WAIT?? Housewives? Reality TV, I am totally tuning in whatever it is!! You are amazing! So beautiful and everyone seems to LOVE you!!!!!

  40. hey jennifer! I just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing all your secrets with us! You are so beautiful inside and out and have really turned my life around. I was feeling so stressed and down about myself and by reading your blog(also Lilly's blog) you ladies gave me a hope that i could turn my life around if i put my all into it. Now i am in such a good place and joined Equinox gym and lost 15 pounds so far! Im finally feeling good about myself and my life and am more motivated to be successful and live each day to its fullest. My 21st birthday is this thursday and im going to celebrate it big in vegas and feel amazing =)

    Wishing you love, happiness, health, and success.

    Jamie Giovanna. xoxo

  41. Your makeup is FLAWLESS! You are really lovely. Don't listen to negative people and stay positive. You have so much to be grateful for!

  42. Just want to say don't let the haters get you down, people are jealous about what they don't have so instead of being happy for the person they try to make them feel like shit! I love reading your blog and have missed your posts all the way from Australia! Keep doing what you're doing girl, you have a fabulous life and I love hearing about it :)

  43. Hope this doesn't sound creepy, but I love your teeth! Omg! You're such a beautiful woman! Amazing! I wish u nothing but the best in ALL that you do ! Xoxo

  44. Let me just say that you're a beast! Your workout routine is killer! And I'm dying to know what you're filming!! Love your blog and love you! <3

  45. So many beautiful new photos foofers!!! I DIE for your look the night of the party. #OldHollywood #Stunning #Perfection #Loveyou

  46. Gorgeous pictures! You look stunning always. Look forward to seeing some videos with tutorials :)

  47. Hi jennifer, you are such a wonderful inspiration, dont let anybody take you down, we want to see you smiling, you have a great style and personality and you are very pretty too, they are just jealous!!

    I wanted to ask you for the size of your chanel bag, is it maxi or xl i dont know, can you pleaseeee tell me the measurements, lenght, wide etc?
    Pleasee i want to get the exact bag and does it have a douple flap?
    Thank you in advance xoxo

  48. You, your husband and your house are beautiful. I love reading up on your daily life. You arent the typical "famous person". You really seem down to earth both you and David. Excited to see what the filming is all about!!!

  49. Great workout!!! You are working out so hard and you have excellent body!!!
    I'm a huge fan of your blog!!! love the DMP posts!!! Always looking forward new inspiring posts from you!!!

  50. I have been following your blog since 2010 and I love it.You seem very sweet and honest. I knew that when more people started noticing you on twitter and your blog that there would be a lot of nasty jealous people.It always amazes me that people feel that they can comment about what you look like and how you should donate to charity instead of shopping. I read your blog for the clothes, purses, shoes and the amazing pictures of you. Its none of my business about your finances and thats not why i read your blog.I love to see your shoes and handbags.Asking the price of clothes and shoes is one thing,but your money is your business.I am shocked by some of the comments that people say. I just wanted you to know that I think you are beautiful and you have a body that most would kill for. Its sad that people would rather try to tear you down than say something kind. You are amazing, dont let the haters get you down.

  51. You have the most amazing eyes!

  52. Hi Jen, love your blog, I'm about to start my own blog, but I'm a little worried about the haters and negative comments, do you have any words of wisdom for me...Jay ;)

  53. Can you do a video on how you did your hair in the "my most popular instagram photo." I can never get mine to look that perfect. Thanks!

  54. Lovely pictures! I love the yellow and tan shirt you are wearing, very cute! Glad you are posting again!

  55. Jennifer, could you show your nail design a little more up close!! thx!!!

  56. Jennifer!!! Im so happy finally after longgggg time requesting n waitingg for new post. Weeehooo... Tq! Love, lulu.

  57. Dear Jennifer,

    Keep your chin up we all have off days! Part of being a normal human is having different emotions, its okay to sometimes feel down, don't be too hard on yourself you are doing great. I admire you for being such a humble kind individual who happens to have a privileged lifestyle. Your blogs brighten up my day and you write as though all of your followers are your friends, not just admirers. I too follow the secret, and sometimes its very hard for me to stay focused on positive outcomes, however if I start listing things that are going well and that I am grateful for, I honestly feel rejuvenated and in a much better mood :)I hope today is a better day for you!

  58. Hi Jen, your look at your fashion show party was GORGEOUS! Could you please do a makeup and hair tutorial with Etienne Ortega on what he did and what products he used that night? Stay lovely! xoxo

  59. Dear Jennifer,

    I have been reading your blog for a while now and I have to say it is something I really look forward to reading and staying caught up on. You ARE a gorgeous person- inside and out. Please don't let people who have never even met you ruin your light with their words. It's not worth it. You are extremely blessed but you also work hard for your goals and you inspire so many women out there. You give more than you realize and you need to remember to be good to yourself as well... just keep doing your thing and love yourself.

    I had a random question for you! No matter what I do I can't get my legs/body to look as flawless and shiny as yours! haha Do you mind sharing your secret with us? I tend to cover my legs up these days because I don't feel good about the way they have been looking so it would mean a lot to get some tips!

    Thanks again for everything you do! All the best!

  60. Jennifer, i've been checking your blog everyday waiting for a new post, how happy was i when it came ! You really gives me hope for the future, and your workout video motivates me so much ! Dreaming of having a body like yours one day *_*
    Take care <3

    (i apologize if there are mistakes, my english is from France ^^)

  61. OMG what a pretty make up..pleaseee write more about the products!!! and is all that your hair??

    What happened???????????????

    1. She just stopped lip injections :)

  63. Hej Jennifer, I have so many questions I wanna ask u but u never answer on ur comments... why??? :((

  64. You are a gorgeous person inside and out! I love following your blog and Instagram... I love how real you are and your not like most of Hollywood... you admit your troubles and are upfront about everything.. God Bless<3


  66. Beautiful pictures, you are so stunning and inspiring.. :) Everything good to you xx

  67. Hey Jennifer!
    Keep your head up love! I've been dealing with cyber bullying and people writing untrue things about my fiance and I online. People can be so mean and at first I was devastated/humiliated by the lies they were stating.

    Anyway, I saw an interview with Sharon Osborne where she was asked how she dealt with untrue/mean things said and written in the press.

    She said the only things said that can hurt her are from people she KNOWS and LOVES. EVERYONE ELSE DOESN'T MATTER!! It just clicked for me. Focus on your true friends, family and loved the end they are the only people who matter. Sending you love and Light!
    Jennifer (as well)

  68. love! love everything Jen! please don't let the haters bring you down, there's so many more that love you (like me) that don't always comment. but i had to this time. sending love and positivity your way.

  69. Hey Jen, I just wanted to let you know that you are an inspiration to women all over the world. I stumbled onto your blog over a month ago and you have no idea how much reading your posts have changed my outlook on life. I'm sad knowing that you're sad but you have to remember, when you have "haters" it means there are many people who are threatened by your good/positive nature and beauty. It's unfortunate but they will always try to bring you down. Stay postive, stay healthy and concentrate on YOU. The negative words said by others is just know who you are...always remember that!

    <3 Kimmy

  70. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do a makeup blog or video!! I'm dying to know the products you use to contour. Those cheekbones are gorgeous. You look amazing as usual! Thanks for the share love!

  71. Your lips are so lovely without fillers! It makes you look so much younger and prettier than all the fish faced women in Beverly Hills! Don't lose perspective - to the rest of the world, the plastic/cosmetic surgery look that LA people go for is horrendous! I only say this because you have natural looks that many people TRY to achieve with surgery. Good to have you back and it's okay to feel down once in a while - life's like that. Sometimes down moments help us enjoy the happier ones more.

  72. Jen! If you get a reality show I will die! So fabulous!

    And forget the haters. This is YOUR life and you're living it exactly how you want to! Maybe if they were doing the same...instead of lurking your blog...they'd feel better about their own!

    xo Mars

  73. Hi Jennifer,
    If you don't mind me asking, how do you use castor oil? I saw it in your vitamin picture. I sometimes use it for my hair and lashes. Curious to now how you use it.

  74. Nice pics, amazing outfits, love your hairstyle. And I love your lovely kitchen!! :* Bye bye, Elizabeth Lore (Love YOU!)

  75. Love the pics! you have a fabulous life. Can't wait to see a closet tour, your fashion sense is aaahhmazing :)...That was a lot of fragments lol


  76. Hey there, I have tried the blood type diet my self, but I always go back to just eating gluten free, I feel great when gluten is out of my diet! Also I am sorry to hear you have been feeling down lately, I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but I have periods when I feel down myself, and there should be no reason why, because even though I don't live a glamourous high style life like I wish I did, I still have a great life! I have a husband that loves me and we have been happily married for 12 years with two beautiful children! But still I feel down sometimes. and its nice to know that you are human to and have your down points. We watch your blog and wish we had your life and in the long run we are all the same in our feelings, And its reassurance to me that when I think, if I just had her life I would be so happy, how silly is that. Oh my gosh I have been rambling on and I dont even think I am making any sense in what I am trying to say? Bottom line, is its a nice reminder to me that you are human to and not some fantasy person on a blog! With that said I still love reading your blog and imagining such a glamourous life! xoxoxox you seem beautiful inside and out!

  77. Post more workouts and your outfits!!!! U got a killer body :)

    Annnnd recipes!!!

    Ps, u inspire me to be a more positive person! U don't let anyone get to u and u address the haters lol!!! Love it.

  78. Hi Jennifer,

    If you're feeling tired you should either start eat proteins or stop eating sugar, wheat and so on.

    I converted to RAW-food and lost weight and muscles in a way that I burned out physically and mentally. I got so tired. I am a blodtype O which means I am a "hunter". My brain thinks I can do without meet, but my body craves for them proteins. If we don't eat meat it is very difficult for us to gain the right amount of proteins elsewhere. We would really have to go into details with it.

    Detoxing by eating meat, vegetables, salat a little bit of fruit (plus healthy olive oils to keep the blood sugar balanced) taking mineral and vitamins and drinking water combined with the blodtype-food (which vegetables to eat or not) is what works for me. But I NEVER EAT WHEAT AND CEREAL AND DEFF NOT DAIRY products because it makes me tired and it fucks my skin up badly!!!
    A hint: If you wanna avoid cellulitis - you shouldn't eat wheat, sugar, dairy products due to hormones and lectins witch messes up your gut and therefore also skin (cuz the human is create from the inside out)
    It's a whole new world but we aren't all the same so we really gotta give our body what it needs in order to feel and look good. We can tell a lot of symptoms just by observing how our body feels and reacts when eating certain things.

    - Listening to what our body tells us is the most powerful tool we got. Sometimes it can be hard though because we are born into a certain lifestyle eating a certain food or our surroundings eat and drink things that aren't nesecarrily good for us.

    I've been there so I know how frustrating it is not having the energy, feeling moody and so on!!! I'm glad that you take tests and guidance it's the only way that really works!!! I hope you find some inspiration in my words and that you find your way <3

    And remember: No one can ever make you feel shitty / negative unless you give them the power to do so. Only you know the truth; what's right for you and your life and what works for you. Other peoples opinions are just opinions - you don't have to give let ten control or influence you by giving them the power of a meaning. It's just a meaning and so what? What's important is what YOU feel about yourself and that the people close to you thinks, feel and believe. Nothing else is just opinions... If I call you a purple basketball you would think I'm crazy right, cuz you know you're not a purple basketball. But If I call you a bitch, ugly, stupid, selfish or any other world that most people don't like you probably would be offended and if you hear these words many times you will start to questioning whether you really are all these words?! And sometimes we begin to believe that we are all these things. Truth is. Sometimes we are. Sometimes we are ugly, sometimes we make mistakes and say stupid things. And we need to find peace with the words. Sometimes it's good go be a bitch or selfish. That's a part of life to get what we want. We have to OWN these feelings in order to set ourselves free. So if people are mean we're not afraid of the words but we still don't let the words get to us in a self-destructive way. Cuz we know WHO WE ARE DEEP INSIDE and peoples opinion don't matter to us. There will always be people who we can't reach. But don't take part in their fight in life. If people are constantly meeting others up or talking trash it says more about them than it does about us. Remember that what people do or say in life reflects their own inner state, it's all about them - how you are making them feel. It's not even about you. But their making it look so so they have someone to blame for their own hurt feelings.
    You don't have to be less just because others envy you or think you're too much. Be the light you are for others to shine too!

    Love from Europe, Denmark!

  79. And I'm sorry for the long comment. I just felt like I had to share it with you. I believe things happens for a reason and I accidentally came across your name and blog today.
    I'm danish but I gave my american a shot trying explaining what I felt when reading your post :)
    With love and good energy

  80. You are looking amazing in these photos! I say this in the nicest way possible, but DON'T use the fillers! It ages you so much! You are beautiful without it!

    I love the retro waves you're wearing in some of the photos and the dresses from Intermix are super cute, too.

  81. Ciao Jennifer!ti seguo ormai da qualche mese e il tuo blog è davvero ricco e interessante oltre che bello!!come te del resto!sei stupenda!e sei un'ispirazione..nel modo di vestire e di truccarsi!posta qualche video in più se riesci : )!
    P.s. le tue Louboutin sono MERAVIGLIOSEEEEEE!
    un bacio dall'Italia!

  82. Jen, thanks for all you share with your blog readers. Loving the new less pouty lips BTW! You look much younger with the plump :-)

  83. Penny from AustraliaSeptember 27, 2012 at 8:02 PM

    Hi Jennifer,

    This is a little random, but hear me out! I've been reading/following for a long time now, and you are gorgeous in all your photos...but the ones Alki takes are always the best ones. I think you know this too! He captures the love you feel for him, and your 'inner self' seems to really shine in the shots he takes. The photo is no longer just a photo of a beautiful woman - he brings out your kindness and sweetness, and honestly I think the Alki-taken shots are always the sexiest too!! (from a female perspective, anyways!!!)

    I would *love* to see a Have Faith shoot in a editorial/high fashion style with you modelling and Alki behind the camera. I think it would really elevate the brand's image and hopefully thus increase your market! And selfishly I'd just love to see you in such a shoot! - I would loooove to see a dreamy, maybe slightly retro, less structured photo set.

    You're lovely, and I'm a big fan of you - if it helps, realise that the haters are just projecting their own insecurities on to you. You aren't doing *anything* wrong in your life, and you have NOTHING to be sorry for. You are a beautiful, sweet, and hard working woman who is generous enough to share her life with her handsome, strong, and loving man with other people. Nice/normal people who view your blogs/photos/videos etc appreciate your openness and 'realness'!. Haters project their insecurities onto you - they are insecure about their lack of looks/'things'/love/security and thus they take it out on someone who does. It's the same thing as mean kids teasing the smart kid at school - none of them want to be dumb, they just don't want the smart kid to be smarter than them!! You're not going to get hate from people who are secure in themselves, because they're in a position where they can appreciate other people's blessings because they have their own!

    Love your work, stay strong - a fan in Australia! xxx

  84. Dear Jen,
    That mad me sad when you said people can be so mean. You are so lovely and sweet, it makes me wonder why anyone would want to be mean to you. There are some people with so much hate for the world and themselves that the only way they can feel good about themselves is to try to bring others down. I am an attractive girl (not to sound vain) but I am and I have had girls be mean to me for no good reason at all. I have learned that the best way to "get them back" is to ignore them and just smile and continue being happy. I am sure you already know this but, I'm just saying. Anyways, I follow you on name on there is mariah_latina I have just became a recent fan of yours and I just love your blogs and your videos. Good luck with all your up and coming success. You are so beautiful on the inside that is shines right through your eyes and makes you sparkle. I can tell you are special :)
    Take care,
    Mariah :)

  85. Hi Jennifer - Can you pleaseeeee do a tutorial on your ponytail with the puff? Thanks!

    1. I have been begging for this too, hopefully she will do one soon!!!

  86. Hey Jenn! it appears someone is using your face to promote something on facebook for a night club but I thought you wanted to know (look at their cover photo). Thanks for posting! :)

  87. Beautiful like all the time ^^ et super tendance j'adore ton style

    Bisous Jennyfer !!

  88. Oh my God Your house is so beautiful!! :D <3
    Love your blog! ;D

    I just recently started following your blog , I was so impressed by the work out video. rather just saying it, showing it really helps.
    PLEASE do one for back and shoulder & upper body soon.

    I also loved the make up videos but will you please give the description of the products you used

    Thank you for sharing.
    much LOVE


  90. Hey Jennifer,

    First off - you're a lovely and beautiful girl! Your blog is really down to earth and it's great to see someone achieve so much.

    I've read you did/do 'the secret' and I'm wondering when you did it - what kind of things did you try to attract? and how did you visualize it? I'm trying to do it and blocking negative thoughts can be a pain.

    Your answer would be hugely appreciated :)

    Much love,

  91. Hey there,

    Just came across your blog last week, love love love what you are all about!! Congratulations on your beautiful life!

    Admiring the tattoo of Alki's name on your arm, what font was used for his name? I just love it, thanks in advance!


  92. Hello Jennifer,
    I was wondering if you could tell us what and how you use all the vitamins, oils, and powders you purchased!!
    Thanks <3<3<3

  93. Omg honey! I am thrilled for you and Alki :-D I'm so emotional right now, I left you a comment on your 'How we met' blog post back in June and told of my struggles trying to conceive also. That was 30th June 2012 and your first child is due 28th June 2013! I said I couldn't wait for the new we both shared our news and right now I am 12weeks pregnant I'm due the 28th of April :-)I am so glad it finally happened for us both, it was worth the wait and we will make amazing mothers :-D I have had a great 1st trimester no sickness at all and I'm loving my new boobage lol, can't wait to have a little bump. Please share your pregnancy with us through blogposts etc I love we're both pregnant at the same time. Massive congratulations! x

  94. Aw Jennifer,
    I'm so excited for you and Lilly to be filming and soon will be apart of TV world!!!! I've always loved the opportunity to be able to watch you guys and see your lives like that, but this means everyone will soon know who you guys are! I hope it doesnt change you guys. More and more people are already finding out about you two everyday, I can't imagine the craziness when your stardom blows up though these shows! it's a bit mindboggling and I feel a slight hint of fan jealousy hehe
    I love the personal feeling you and lilly give your fans actually, with instagram posts and personal stories on blogs etc, so I hope that doesn't change either cus I feel like TV land is gonna take you away from us gals who knew you two first before the mass media did!!!
    <3 <3 Love you guys
    Ps. Lol I still remember when I first discovered you, though The Spin Crowd episode w/ you and Alki. Look where youve gone now! Even more so, you were a promo model like me and you had your entire life changed - THAT is a big transformation... Lucky dream life!! I live vicariously through you hun lol. <3!

  95. Yo Jen! I think you should definitely do a post of the body products you use, simply by taking a picture of your collection! Shoot, that's free endorsement though LOL! And congratulations on the baby news!! I hope you get a girl but something tells me you're going to have a baby boy! Whatever it may be, they will be gorg and very loved. God Bless Jen :)

  96. Hey Jen
    I hope you will see this! You are so beautiful and down to earth! I love your blog!!
    Could u please tell me what camera you used to take photos of you in the white dress with the belt ?
    And please do a updated skin care and hair products you use :) Thank u xxxxx

  97. Where did you get your Iron Maiden shirt? And are you a fan of them? They are one of my favorite bands and it's hard to find sexy girly Maiden shirts, ha ha! :)

  98. Love your blog, thank you for posting. Congrats on your pregnancy!

  99. I wonder if you could do a blog post on how you apply the Secret to your life and maybe give a few practical examples of how it has worked to manifest the things you want. I'm trying to get into the Law of Attraction and it's just not working for me, so it would be so great to hear a few examples and anecdotes from you. Really like your blog, you are fabulous! :-)

  100. Hi Jennifer! I recently started following you on instagram & reading your blog I want to congratulate you on your beautiful baby! As I was reading this I thought of the saying "the grass isn't always greener on the other side" I am a 22 year old girl l, I'm a student & work full time. I have been clinically depressed for three years now and have had two suicide attempts. I always imagine that maybe I would be happier as someone else, someone prettier, thinner, richer, smarter you get the picture. But I realized that you can have "everything" as you do & still get down. I'm glad I started reading your blog because it has given me insight into not wanting to be something I am not & embracing myself as God has made me. I know it must upset you when strangers are mean but they haven't lived your life & known your struggles. Anyway I'm rambling. I wish you the best & may God continue to bless you & your family. Lots of love from Colorado & thanks for giving us a glimpse into your life.

  101. Love your blog, Thank you for all the positive energy. Congrats on your new bundle of joy! I wanted to know if you possibly had any more lotion left..I'm currently 20weeks pregnant? Thanks again love..xoxo