Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Workout Video #2 with my Trainer Lauren Kern

Here is an easy, full body workout that you can do anytime anywhere that will take about 15-30 minutes of your time. 
I happened to have filmed this at my house when I was 1 month pregnant but had no idea yet :)

Check back next week for Workout video #3 of 10 for more easy exercises that can be done at home , on vacation OR in a gym.


Be sure to check out my trainer Lauren Kern's website and blog at for product and diet tips.

Workout clothes from Equinox Gym


  1. thank you for this video, awesome for the winter to do inside home

  2. I love love looooove your blog.... I know you have your show and baby on the way but please don't get too busy for us readers! Also, whAt blogs do you love and recommend???

  3. My sister and I just watched this, after watching your wedding video! Love that you post videos like these, thank you so much! We're going to add this to our workout routine! We think you and Lilly are such inspiring business women, and love that you're not afraid to be beautiful AND successful! xo xo Liz

  4. Hi - came across your blog and have been reading for three nights in a row. Not much glam left with 2 toddlers running around but hopefully getting back on my feet soon. Loved the make up video, thanks, though your day time is my night look, I think. :) Still, loved it.
    Now that you'll be a mom yourself (congrats!), could you do a simpler version of day makeup and perhaps suggest some products you must have? I think most women are overwhelmed if they have too much makeup, so a few multitaskers are handy and same question for brushes - what do you absolutely need? I usually have less than an hour to get ready at night, with my oldest running around in my stilettos and youngest pulling down my jewelry, so a few great products is all I can handle. Thanks!!!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this video! I will definitely favorite the series on my channel. xx

  6. Great video! Thank you so much Jennifer for sharing.

  7. Hey Jennifer I think you instragram link on your blog has been hacked because it's showing pictures of someone else's instragram as well as yours.

    I love your work out videos by the way!! you are my motivation!


  8. Great video, thanks for inspiration!

  9. You look great. Would love a post for moms-to-be about what you've been eating (and excersice if any!) during pregnancy.

  10. love this workout