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Pregnancy- 2nd Trimester - Preparing for baby!!!!

The most recent picture of my baby from a Hospital in Bern, Switzerland. We went to find out the sex of the baby while on vacation in Gstaad but he/she was in a weird position and they couldn't tell. Im waiting till 20 weeks to know now lol.
Prince or Princess ?!?!?!?
How beautiful is the baby though. This is a 3D image and its sometimes very hard to get every feature clear at once. The eyes look blurry but they are there. How AMAZING are his/her lips!!!
I'm so in Love.

Im finally 17 weeks / 4 months pregnant and I am so excited to officially confirm what Im having. Some people choose to wait to find out the sex till the baby is born, but I am WAY to anal and organized to wait that long, plus,  If I wait till the baby is born or if I find out now- it is still a surprise. I am just so excited to plan the nursery, the color, the wall decor, the bedding, the furniture.... Im looking forward to it all.
Jennifer Stano. 17 weeks pregnant here.
I have been using Olive Oil at night on my body to prevent stretch marks

Looking back on these past 4 months Ive been REALLY lucky. I had 0 morning sickness. I suffered from horrible migraines for a little while but realized it was completely triggered by chocolate, which btw has never bothered me before. Since giving up chocolate I have not had 1 migraine, and thank god, because one night I had 3 in a row... HORRIBLE! The first 2 months I think I had the worst cravings, but it could have been my body just telling me -YOU NEED FOOD! Normally, I eat simple and clean as Ive been into fitness and staying "fit" or lets just flat out say it... SKINNY, since entering the fitness world when I was 21years old, but when I got pregnant something happened and all I wanted to do was EAT! I craved everything I ate growing up, bagels, pasta, grilled cheese... It got bad. I definitely gained weight FAST, but since my BMI ( body mass index ) was underweight to begin with, it hasn't shown as much as it probably should have.

Everyones bodies are different, and no 2 pregnancies are alike. People wondered how I showed so fast, and said that Im "HUGE" for 4 months. I just think people don't realize how small my midsection was before I got pregnant. A 23" waist and a bust that is 29" is TINY. Theres only so much room inside to fit everything before it starts poking out. All of my friends that were tiny in their midsection showed really fast. Sure their are girls who are tiny and don't show fast, but again, everyones bodies are different, I happened to show fast, and Im really happy about that.
Then and Now. 11 weeks pregnant there
Then, itty bitty waist.
 Im already in maternity pants a month now and I found this super fab site for the cutest maternity clothes. The hardest thing for me to find has been fitted shirts. Even Harrods maternity department SUCKED had nothing cute, except their jeans!  Everything else was so frumpy and seemed like it was meant for woman much older than me. I may be pregnant but I'm still a fashionista and care about how I look. Nothing is cuter than a lady who is pregnant and still dressed trendy. I wanted to embrace and show off my bump, not hide it!  I searched the internet for stores in the UK ( since Im living there for the year ) and came across what is now my favorite maternity store, Isabella Oliver. They have the cutest basic T-shirts and long sleeve T's, all fitted and in a variety of great colors. The quality is amazing and right now they are having a up to 50% off sale- ALL of my favorite items are half off!!! They also have my favorite leggings, also on sale.

Check them out

Me wearing one of Isabella Oliver's wrap tops.
Yes I know, My butt is growing as fast as my belly, it's those Italian genes coming out FINALLY! lol

Let me also clear up all of the Ultrasounds. A ton of people on my instagram asked WHY I was going for so many ultrasounds and telling me its bad for the baby. First off, NO, It's not bad for the baby. Ive asked numerous doctors if it is harmful to the baby and they all said no.  Secondly, if you didn't read my " Im pregnant" post, you should. I started out having trouble conceiving so we went to a fertility clinic which figured out the "issue" and I got pregnant right away. But being that we started there they monitor you much more closely. From weeks 4-8 I was there weekly for checkups, blood work etc. At week 8 they were suppose to dismiss me but when they were checking my ultrasound they saw that I had a small  blood spot which meant I had a tear internally. I never had external bleeding (sorry if that is TMI ) but they told me no working out and to just relax. I went back the following week and the spot was gone. THANK GOD! I was a wreck when they told me. 

Then that weekend Alki and I came to London where we will be living for the year because of business, the baby, and just change ( yes we still have our house, cars and doberman in Beverly Hills with my family who is housesitting).  When I came to London my new Dr wanted to preform a quick US due to the traveling to make sure everything was ok and get up to date. So there was another ultrasound. Then a week or 2 later I had to get the Harmony blood test / scan done which tests for Down Syndrome and can detect common fetal trisomies. Then 2 weeks later you go back and they do a full scan of the baby where they measure the fluid at the back of the babies neck to determine if the baby has down syndrome or not coinciding with the blood test results, as well as a taking measurements  of the babies full body and so on. I am now coming up on my second trimester scan which is typically done between weeks 18-22. During this scan I hope to confirm the sex of the baby. I can't wait to find out if Im having a little prince or a little princess.
My Pregnancy Blog Post.

I started to look for some generic items I need for the baby , or for me lol, like a diaper bag.
I asked a few friends what they used and liked the best. It came down to - Louis Vuitton Totally bag in the signature LV print and / or  the Prada Black Nylon baby bag, I decided I'm going to get both. A baby bag you will be carrying around for at least 2 years so as my fabulous friend Johan said,
"You better love it".

Louis Vuitton Totally MM or GM bag. Print is good for winter or summer and is durable. 

Prada Nylon Black Baby Bag, goes with everything.

Some of the bags I love that are not quite as expensive and that are still super cute are: Gucci, Marc Jacobs and Juicy Couture.
Gucci Diaper Bag

Classic gucci print, what I love about this bag is it has a matching baby carrier!

Toned down and earthy looking yes still feminine and girly.  Marc by Marc Jacobs

For the girly girl Juicy- You can never go wrong with Juicy Couture.
A look back at the last 4 months.

Where it all began. 

5 Week Ultrasound

6 week Ultrasound

8 week ultrasound

9 week Ultrasound

I think around 10 weeks

After measuring the baby it turned out to be 11 weeks

12 weeks 4 days

How beautiful, the baby is sucking it's thumb.
15 weeks 1 day

16 weeks 4 days. Such a cute profile

Beautiful lips.
16weeks 4 days
Same day as above, trying to confirm sex but couldn't see
How cute is the baby's arm and fingers.

The next post Ill do is a product update, Pregnancy outfits, and some DIY projects.
Jennifer Stano , 15 weeks pregnant here.


  1. So exciting! Congrats on everything !

  2. I think you should go for the Louis Vuitton Totally. I follow a woman who had a baby and she loves it ( Some other women commented on her post that the Gucci one was small and looked cheap. I don't know b/c I don't have a bay and so have never needed a diaper bag (maybe in a couple years, for now I'll live vicariously through you and your little prince/princess lol) but it does look big and spacious and functional, and I think that's what's most important. Not to mention you'll be able to continue using it even when the baby is a full grown man/woman of 20 b/c Louis is durable and never goes out of style :)

  3. omg your belly looks soo big and cute, i think youll have a girl how fun would that be to dress her up lol mini you...i love love love your blog, and please dont let negative people get to you they will always have something negative to say just live your life the best way YOU can ...and FYI your body is my inspiration lol.... your soo beautiful xhenisa :}

  4. you look sooo happy you have the pregnancy glow :)

  5. So happy for you. Like I said in a previous post ... pregnancy is a beautiful time in your life. Nothing is better than feeling a life inside of you. God Bless you and baby!
    Anne P

  6. You look fantastic Jennifer and I love the Prada bag! I was showing super early too since I'm tiny, and while I carried very cute, my bump got so huge and I carried all in front that it was almost unbelievable. It looked like a huge bowling ball stuffed under my shirt. I thought I was going to birth a linebacker both pregnancies, but they were both in the 6lb range.

    Good luck with your pregnancy. I love seeing your bump pictures!

  7. You look beautiful pregnant and sonhappy ! Congrats !!! I'm currently 25 weeks preggers with our second! Just as exciting as the first time :) good luck with everything !


  8. Loved reading your update..I documented my whole healthy pregnancy last year. Like you I wanted to have a fit pregnancy and bounce back after having my little girl! I hear you on the horrible maternity clothes. I just purchased items a size up and belted them under the chest to keep it flattering. You may want to also check online at Topshop and they have some pretty cute trendy maternity pieces as well. xo

  9. I thought you said you were having a girl?? It was on your fb lol

  10. Love it all !! Me and my husband are trying and praying for the same miracle <3 8 months now hopefully soon :)

  11. Hi Jenn, I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog. You are the cutest mama ever! Congrats on your growing family! I know you are trying the all-natural methods during your pregnancy, and I wanted to recommend a product that I absolutely swear by- Zum Bar Goats Milk Soaps (available at Whole Foods). My dermatologist actually recommended them to me. Goats milk is heavenly for the skin, full of rich nutrients/proteins and the lactic acid acts as a natural exfoliant for clearing up/preventing breakouts. There are many "flavors" depending on your skin type, but my all time fav is the goats milk, oatmeal and lavender bar. Its so mild and nourishing. Oatmeal and Lavender are both really soothing on the skin and are great for calming any inflammation. I am telling you, I am completely OBSESSED. My skin glows. They are so moisturizing and they all smell amazing. I have gotten so many friends hooked on this product. I know you will love them! I hope this helps! Congrats again and keep those blogs coming! :)

  12. OMG!!! thats so sweet..
    Thanks for the post..

  13. I just moved to the UK from the US. Just outside of London. I miss my US reality tv and watching your episode of trophy wives you posted? You two are adorable. Love your blog too. Great seeing a celebrity actually write their own posts. Authenticity is lovely.

  14. Aww thanks for sharing such a sweet post.. Congrats to you and Alki. Boy or girl I'm sure your little one will be bigger than the world can handle :)

  15. Congratulations... You are going to be a beautiful mother!! Xoxo Mari

  16. please can you right about the products you use!
    Im pregnant its my 3 month and Im sick all the time and my hair is falling out! do you have any tips about what to do about the hair???


  17. I am going to call it - it's a boy. In my experience you get super sick with girls and somehow you gain weight in your face. If you are skinny you do gain more and show much faster, wait till if you have a second one! And prepare yourself for the world of inappropriate and downright rude comments. I got asked if I was having twins all the time. Work on having very thick skin.
    Btw, can't recommend Tracy Anderson post pregnancy workout DVD enough. So hard but works on all the small muscles. Im sure you'll be back to yourself in no time.

  18. I am currently 20 weeks, 4 days pregnant with my first (a girl) and it's been fun following your journey too :) wishing you a happy and healthy rest of your pregnancy!


  19. Oh, wow! You're such a cutie even preggers:) I am surprised the doctors are trying to give you the gender so early, I always heard they check around 18-22 weeks for accuracy. Good luck lady! I've had two of my own so I know the excitement:)


  20. Hermes has the cutest diaper bags or Juicy Couture, my hubby got one for me.

  21. It's so great to read about a woman embracing pregnancy in this way. What a positive message to give women regarding pregnancy and the changes a body goes through. I love how open you write about your experience. Congrats momma.

    p.s. the strappy black bikini in your profile pic is killin'

  22. OMG! ♥♥♥
    Jennifer, the baby will have your beautiful lips, that's for sure! He/She is already a little angel... I can't wait for you to confirm the sex.
    All of your pictures are gorgeous but this last one is my fav, you are stunning on it and your bump is to die for. :D
    I'm wishing you, the baby and Alki good health and happiness!

    PS: I'm @antaltimea from Instagram lol :))

    I have a blog too:

    If you are bored, I would be honored if you would take a look... ;;) I'll write about you for sure, as my favorite fashionista and source of inspiration!

  23. Jennifer you look absolutely gorgeous! So happy for you and Alki! You are glowing and your baby bump is so cute. I have a little princess she's 17 months,her name is Sofia Isabel. :) Take good care of yourself!

  24. Shea Butter is better than olive oil for stretch marks. Try getting some good un refined shea butter. Also vitamin E, pure amber colored, vitamin E is awesome for stretch marks.
    Congrats !

  25. pregnancy really suits you! you were stunning before of course but you are really glowing and i think the weight that you gained really looks good on you even if it is just a little!
    so happy for you :) thank you for sharing your journey!

  26. Hi jennifer, my name is Paola, I'm live in Italy.I love your life and your style and I love how the inspiration to wishes for your Pricipe / princess, you have a beautiful family!I want you thank because through your blog I discovered the book the Secret! I also saw movie.I want ask you if you can explain me how you use the secret in your life.I will have a life as your.can you give me some advice?you're beautiful and I follow you everyday!I'd like to meet you one day!I hope you will answer me because I'd really like your advice!thanks and scuse me for my english but I'm Italian:)

  27. Beautiful, Jen! I hope your pregnancy is going well ! You look fabulous . @danielleturn

  28. Good Morning!
    I am loving living thru your pregnancy on instagram... I am actually pregnant as well with our first baby, he (just found out a couple weeks ago :)) is due the beginning of June. I can't imagine how many opinions you get constantly... I am not in the public eye and I get random people non stop thinking that I would love their advice.. lame! I just wanted to say congratulations, we can both survive these 9 months :)!
    Jenny Wright

  29. You look beautiful and im so jealous of your bump! Im 13 weeks and 3 days, a month behind you! I too have gained weight QUICKLY in my first trimester. I was a little underweight according to my BMI but the biggest thing i think is that like you , i was very into fitness. I had a lot of muscle and not a lot of fat on my body. As you know, our bodies need fat in order to carry a baby and as a way of preparing for breastfeeding (it burns a ton of calories so you store around 7 lbs of fat alone during pregnancy just for breastfeeding!). I think our bodies just needed to gain some fat for the baby ..its healthy. And like you i craved so many things that i never eat and was always hungry. I started eating 500 calories more per day, unintentionally. I try not to eat more than by body and baby need but im still hungry.. and i cant imagine baby needs 500 calories more in the first trimester when my book says only up it 300 calories in 2nd and 3rd trimesters. I gained around 6-7 lbs already. Whereas most people gain less than 5. But like you, i still look healthy. Im just hoping the weight gain slows down now that my body is ready to carry this cute little blessing. How much have you put on in the past 4 months? I admire your honesty and i think it encourages us women who have a different experience in their first trimester than what the "averages" tell us we are supposed to look like bump wise, or gain weight wise.

  30. Hey Jennifer. I know that you are probably very busy but I wanted to ask you for personal advice. Is there an email address that I can email you at. It would help me out so much and put me at ease. Thanks.

  31. I have a little girl and like you never got sick once not did my face swell until the very end. We are lucky! I also craved pasta and all that yummy Italian cooking my mom made growing up! Enjoy your pregnancy!

  32. Dear Jennifer,
    I have just started reading your blog and i adore it! You're gorgeous and so completely down to earth. You are so incredibly honest about your lifestyle, and open about everything. You accept your lavish lifestyle and you have seriously great style.
    Definitely inspiring!

  33. You are such an adorable preggo!! One of my friends was the same as you. She is super tiny so she basically had a bump five minutes after she found out she was pregnant. It's reassuring because she was just as miserable at the end as the rest of us ;) I have a design blog and was checking to see if you would be up for letting me do a bloggy tour of your home?? Just some pics, nothing too nosey of course! I would love it. From what I see on your blog, I LOVE your home style.

  34. U will be beautifum mom, congratulation ;o))

  35. Honestly, your butt looks craaazy! I love it! Djeezz I hope I look this heavenly when I'm pregnant!

  36. Hi Jen, I was wondering, you said you wanted a baby girl so badly, were you dissapointed when finding out you were having a baby boy?

    big kiss,


  37. Love you blog!!! :-* you are so beautiful and i am looking for your baby :)

  38. I adore your white fuzzy boots!! You are so adorable as well pregnant. Congratulations! Where are the boots from? Thanks!!

  39. Congratulations! you are so beautiful and i think you are very careful and every pregnant women should be.

    Thanks for wonderful blog post.

    preparing for pregnancy