Sunday, April 28, 2013

It's Wedding Season: Dresses for SALE!

Its been almost 2 years since my wedding... my god how time flies especially when your having fun ;)

For my wedding I had 2 dresses, my main dress by Pnina Tornei and a second "party" dress by Steven Yearick. I have decided to sell my Steven Yearick dress and thought I would list it here as Ive done in the past on items from my closet.

Below are all the details about the dress.

Beautiful semi-mermaid wedding dress by designer Stephen Yearick bought in 2011. Dress is white with detailed silver stitching and crystal beading. Exquisite detail on dress and on double straps. Plunging neck

Size 0-2
My height- 5'6" without heels
Paid 4500.00
Asking- 3000.00 obo 

Bust- 32C-D
Waist- 23-25
Hips- 33-35

My mom's dress is also by Steven Yearick and she is also selling hers.

Bronze/ gold one shoulder style dress with hand beaded flower accents throughout.

dress size 8-10
Her height -5'7" without heels
paid 3500.00
asking 1500.00

Im also selling my favorite dress from my Bachelorette party. Its currently in my CA home closet but I believe its by Jovani (will have my aunt double check) Its a gorgeous Sparkle strapless mini with a detachable skirt, the perfect party dress!
Size 0
Paid - $500-$600
asking- $300.00
Worn once

If interested please leave a comment with your email and I will contact you.

All sales final.
Paypal Only

** A lot of you have been asking when I will put my blog sale back up. Being that Im living in London for the year my main closet is in CA- but after the baby and we go back to California I will have a big blog sale again once I clean out my closet **



  1. Hi Jennifer-- I'm not interested in buying your lovely dresses. You are waaaay smaller than me. I am writing because I have a post request. Can you write a post about your ideas about business and money? I find it so fascinating that you could very easily kick back and be a trophy wife, but you're not. You have launched a successful company and seemed to do well for yourself before marrying your husband. Also, thank you for always being so refreshingly candid. I think it's so brave. Our culture has become so critical and I applaud anyone who is willing to be open and true to themselves.

  2. Hi Jennifer,
    I am really interested in your wedding dress, I just recently got engaged and I have been so worried with trying to find the right one. My email is

  3. Hi Jennifer,

    I really love your blog :)
    Just wanted to ask, why are you living in England right now?

  4. i love the mermaid dress (your real wedding dress was so gorgeous! hope you're keeping that one). You used to be SO tiny so i don't know if the bodice will fit me but i'm very interested in it. I'm 34 small C and 26 waist. Does it have any give in it or is it soundly structured? Also, does it have any stains? Most dresses don't make it through a reception without a few stains so that's important to me. Thanks! Congrats on the baby :)

  5. Hi Jennifer,
    I have an idea and can maybe help if needed. I was thinking an eBay store or even an eCommerce store
    where you can advertise all your unwanted clothing/items for sale. I work as a business development consultant
    in eCommerce so have great experience in setting up such enterprises. Anyhow if its something
    that interests you please don't hesitate to contact me, my email is
    Im definitely interested on working the HaveFaith as well, but having spoke to Lily, understandably things are
    really busy and stock is hard to get hold of, and will have to put that on hold till around September time.
    Anyhow, hope all is well.

  6. Look forward to your future sales. I'm hoping for handbags, as your clothes and shoes are too small for me. Praying baby Niko's birth goes very smoothly ;)

  7. Hi! Jennifer,
    This is not in reference to your dresses, although they are gorgeous. However, I was curious if you would be selling any of your maternity clothes once you have baby Niko? And congratulations to you and your husband on your sweet baby boy<3
    Also, I'm applying to your Swimgerie Model Contest and I'm so excited! I love you and Lilly, I think you are both such amazing women!

  8. I’ll by this golden wedding dress for my fiancée. She will very please after seeing this and also look like a gorgeous doll after wearing this dress.

  9. I like your wedding dress but I can only dream about having such amazing dress in my wardrobe :/
    You look amazing even you are gonna be mum :)

  10. I just wanted to drop you a quick note saying that I agree with pretty much everyone who comments on your blog. I love how candid you are! You are so open and willing to share, I feel like you're more like a girlfriend than some out of reach celebrity and it's so awesome that you stay true to yourself. Keep writing and I'll keep reading!

  11. Hi Jennifer!!!

    First I have to say you looked AMAZING in your Pnina Wedding Gown! I will be purchasing the same Pnina gown for my wedding :) I have a question... Is the long train on the back of your gown Detachable???? I know you are not selling your pnina gown however If the train is detachable and you are willing to part with it please please let me know! I would buy it from you in a heart beat!!!
    My Email is ....

    Thank you!!

  12. I just love all your dresses!! You're sooo gorgeous! This might be a stupid question, but why would you sell your second wedding dress that you wore on an evening that holds so many memories? Alki said that you have a black credit card with no spending limit on it while on Trophy Wives. That would make me wonder as to why you'd sell dresses linked to special occasions. Just curious :)

  13. Will you be selling your maternity clothes after baby??? I will totally buy them!!!

  14. Hi jennifer, your dress is amazing! Could you please send more pictures to Thanks so much :) my friend maybe interested!

  15. You've got such an amazing range of dresses here! I only wish I had the figure for most of them...!

  16. Hi Jen, what do you recommend is the best Self Tanner to use (that is deep in color and wont get streaky)...I'm going on vacation and don't want to spray because it will come off a funky. You always have the nicest tan and I've been meaning to ask you this..Thanks so much!! Xoxo

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  18. Hi Jennifer,

    I am getting married this upcoming October and have already purchased a dress a few months ago. However, I am not 100 percent happy with it..and I have been very worried about it.

    I LOVE your reception wedding dress. I truly feel this is the perfect dress for me on such a special day. It's exactly what I wanted..but was not able to find it from where I am.

    I am very interested in. You can e-mail me at

    Hope to hear from you soon :)

  19. Can I just say that I have gone through your whole blog (yep til your first post) in two days! I love it. You are truly inspiring in all aspects. Especially fashion! You've given me inspiration to try new things...currently shopping online and liking stuff I never would have even tried before. I wish you a good and healthy delivery with your baby and will continue to read your blog. xoxoxo

  20. Will you be selling any of your bags or jewelry boo?

  21. Dear Jennifer,

    I loved the work of your plastic surgeon Dr Paul Chasan so much! I live in england and want to fly to San Diego to have the same procedure as you because my nose is very similar to yours.

    HOWEVER: I recently did some research on Dr Paul Chasan and the first thing that comes up on google is this article:

    and upon reading it I have become extremely concerned and conflicted. On the one hand you are a perfect example of the brilliant work he does, on the other hand this is a serious allegation and if I hadn't seen the great job he had done on your nose I would have run a mile.

    I was wondering what your opinion on this article was and if it is actually the correct surgeon?

    I await your response nervously as I was so excited when I read your plastic surgery article, that you had found such a great surgeon!

    Kind regards,

    Laura T

  22. i was wondering if you would do a guest blog for us?

  23. Happy Anniversary! I still do not have a twitter account so decided to post my well wishes to you & Alki here. Hope you're feeling well rested and enjoying some of the nicer weather in the UK. Only a few more weeks to go, and soon you will be holding your little bundle of JOY.

  24. these dresses are definitely gorgeous

  25. I like your style. It's perfect.
    Thank you very much.

  26. Hi Jennifer! I'm writing you bc I follow u on instagram and see your journey with ur pregnancy I wanted to encourge u and send u a pic of me right before I gave birth to now:) I was the same size as u before..anyways my email us thought about posting it to instagram just not brave enough:)
    Xo best wishes

  27. Hi Jennifer,
    I really enjoy your blog and now I`m your newest fan from Brazil.
    I wish you all the best on your new life with your baby..

  28. You looks like Kim Kardashian. Nice dresses. I love it both.

    online deals philippines

  29. I like the cute gold dress

  30. You and Alki can go to hell for allowing Harry to defend Vikki.

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  32. Im interested in any other dresses you have for sale! please let me know! && congrats Jen & Alki on the birth of your baby boy he is soo cute ! god bless!
    Brittany Raye

  33. Interested in the Steven Yearick dress, please contact me at, thank you!

  34. Hi Jen, I came across your blog a while back when I was searching for real brides in the wedding dress I purchased. Great taste by the way ;) I have been following you ever since. We've had to postpone our wedding for a while (it's been 5 years in the making,lol) but we're back on track! My dress has been purchased and now that some changes are being made I wish I had another bride(who has experienced the gown) to talk to about it. Is there any chance that can happen. Is there a private way I can send you my email address?
    I want you to know, as many of you followers feel, I really appreciate having your blog, and instagram to turn to. I feel as though it was a blessing finding a woman to look up to, who is confident, smart, honest, and so loving toward family and fans as well, and a rare bonus you are extremely down to earth and make us feel like we can turn to you...even if it's just for a smile or laugh at an instagram picture. Thank you so much for being you. By, the way, we're a Greek/Italian couple as well!

  35. Hey Jennifer, I'm getting married in three months and am seriously considering a second option. Is this dress still available? Please let me know either way- and thank you for always being an inspiration. I've been following your blog and IG for years.
    Xoxo, Jacklyn