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My Baby Shower and Baby Registry

My baby shower took place 2 years later to the day of my Bridal shower at the same exact place in my home town NY. I was joined by almost all of my closet friends and family to celebrate this special time in my life.
Dress from - it came with a light blue sash (you can choose your own color) and then I bought the additional bling one and layered it on top. My bracelet is from 24" clip in extensions by Leyla Milani of
I am selling this dress and the 2 belts that come with it. Its a UK size 6/8- if interested please leave a comment below.

My mom, dad and brother <3

The God Parents of Niko, my BF Blair and brother Steve

One of Niko's many Aunties- my BF Lilly Ghalichi aka Peanut juju

My Grandma <3

The girls made me a "maternity bra" out of all the ribbons from my gifts!

Wifey and God mother Blair

Kristy from my fav hair salon in Westchester- Plush Salons and Plush Blow

The best gift wrapping in the house by Liz on the left, and me with Linz on the right <3

My mom and I made our own diaper cakes to be center pieces on the tables <3

 I designed my invitation myself was was in love with them. All of the details about them are listed below.

LOL I know Buy Buy Baby is spelt wrong on the invite.. Oops

My approval invite minus Niko's name on the crown
Custom Invitations by Odette Martinez at

The "theme" of my baby shower was baby blue and white... "Prince Niko".  A crown was on my cake, my invitation and one of our diaper cakes. I couldn't find any real themes that I wanted for the shower so I just chose the colors of his nursery.
Cookies made by Sweet Lisa's in Greenwich CT

Cupcakes made by Sweet Lisa's in Greenwich CT

I designed the cake myself. Also made by Sweet Lisa's in Greenwich CT

Baby Shower Cake for Niko

My good friend Marianna Hewitt couldnt make my shower but she sent beautiful flowers for me.
Love you mar <3

We gave candles as our party favors fro our guests. My aunt wrapped them and got all of the cute supplies from Michaels Craft Store.

Baby Shower Party Favors

The girls had these "Wish Cards" made up for Niko with his name at the top. Each guest filled one out with wishes for him. Then they gave me a scrap book to put them all in so he  can read them when he's older. Such a great idea!

I registered at Buy Buy Baby, Babies R Us and Target. The only thing I had bought myself for Niko was clothes, so there was a lot that I still needed. It was a little difficult to register for things because Im living in London until Christmas and the plugs and voltage are different here so any electronic items I receive I needed to make sure I have a proper convertor plug or ship it to California for when we arrive back home in Jan 2014. I couldn't register for any swings or large items in NY because it would cost a fortune to ship yet everything I know and love it a US brand. Believe it or not, not ever brand in the US is over here in the UK so it got a little frustrating when I couldn't find what I was looking for here in the UK, but we figured it out. It turns out that its actually cheaper to jam pack a suitcase and pay extra at the airport to travel with additional bags that your allowed amount than it is to ship things. So I arrived home in NY with 3 LARGE suitcases, 2 of which were empty and filled them up and flew home. I had to buy 1 additional suitcase which only cost me $60 to check at the airport... SCORE!!! And for my larger items that I ended up ordering myself since I couldn't find them here in the UK- my mom will keep them in the boxes and check them as one of her luggage items on the plane when she comes to London after the baby is born.

Some of my favorite go to stores in London for Baby stuff is:

- Mamas and Papas- they price match and we bought out Stokke Xplory stroller from them. They have everything from A-Z
- Huggles- the only place that carried the Ubbi diaper pale I searched high and low for here in London, as well as some great organic products
-Harrods- My mom bought me all of Niko's nursery furniture from here by Boori- Royale Collection. The prices were great. We also bought his Silver Cross Balmoral Pram from there which was a gift to me from my husband, his changing pad by Bambizi and the Cocoonababy. They also have amazing clothing brands... Obsessed!
-John Lewis- they have really cute and great priced clothing for babies. We also got our Maxi Cosi Pebble car seat from there. I also buy all of my yarn for crocheting from there.
-Next- they have the cutest clothing at AMAZING prices!
-Alex and Alexa- Great for designer clothing because they always have amazing sales on their items.
-Kiddicare - great prices

Listed below are screen shots of things that I registered for. I did a lot of research and read a lot of reviews. Of course not everyone is going to like an item or agree on what the "best" product is but based on what people wrote and how many reviews were written on multiple sites I was able to make the best choices for When the baby comes and Im using the items, things may change, but for now these were my favs.

Cocoonababy Nest by Red Castle- I found this at Harrods and fell in love. It has all kinds of benefits and Niko will be sleeping in this in his crib for a while. You can also put it in between your pillows in your won bed and know the baby is safe. It prevents flat head syndrome as well as other things. Click the link below to read about it.
Its very hard to find in the USA- almost impossible. I bought one for a friend of ours and had to ship from the UK. If you have luck finding it please let me know.

Fisher Price Jumperoo- Rainforest. Looks to have amazing reviews and super cute for a baby boy

This one looked to be the best to me. I wanted something organic but couldnt find this in the UK and didnt end up getting it on my registry. I found another organic company here int he UK and went with that but for my CA nursery I will be using this mattress cover.

This looks to be a good product bc you can take it off and attach it anywhere. Tiny Love Sunny Stroll Arch

Tommee Tippee has great products. What i like most about them is that they are BPA free and up to date with their products. I registered for a variety of pacifiers so I can see which ones he likes best, but there were definitely at the top of my list. I also recieved a who starter kit of Tommee Tippee bottles, electric sterilizer and so on all BPA free!
I bought this Belly Casting Kit at John Lewis but they have them at most baby stores. I did mine myself- yes- its messy. And I will probably end up painting it, glazing ti and hanging it on his wall. 

I chose 2 different diaper bags- This Prada black diaper bag from and the Louis Vuitton Never Full.

Fisher- Price Bouncer- My Little Snug a Bunny- this had great reviews along with the MY little Lamb which I got as his swing. 

Fisher Price Rainforest Melodies and Lights Deluxe Gym- Loved the colors and all the activities for them to do

Original Slumber Bear - I believe this plays the actual sound that the baby hears in the womb and runs on batteries so you can take it with you. Prince Lionheart makes great products

Aden + Anais - are said to be the best organic muslims baby clothes. They make tons of products like bed sheets, swaddle blankets, wash clothes, burp pads.. Id get the whole range!

Primo- Euro Bath- I searched high and low for the BEST tub for this baby. At first I wanted to go with the clean water system by 4 moms but I didnt like that for the entire bath you had to run actual water into the reserve. I think a lot of the features are cool- but watsing water wasnt so cool. SO then I found out about Euro Bath- watched youtube videos and read reviews and I liked this the best. I didnt choose one of those baths that came with a fabric sling because i think thats more work to keep clean and sanitize and the fabric can get moldy = no good. So Euro Bath it is for me. 

Fisher Price- My Little Lamb Cradle n swing- I read amazing reviews on this and it has to be the cutest swing for baby boys and girls! They didnt have ti anywhere in the UK so this is one of those items my mom is bringing for me LOL sorry ma

Ubbi Diaper pale - This is one of those items you have to really do your research. With so many diaper pales that look the same you have to wonder so which is the best and why. What i liked about Ubbi was that it's made out of metal vs. plastic and that you can use regular garbage bags with it- not a special brand made just for that specific diaper pale- that can get really costly. Ialso loved that it comes in super cute colors. The only down side is that it does not have a step petal to open the lid. In my mind thats ok- but hopefully it wont become too much of a hassle.

Monte Design Grano Glider- I couldn't find an small nursery chairs that were wooden and old school looking. The London nursery isnt HUGE like California so I had to think about space. I was told to get a reclining nursing chair and it makes perfect sense, why wouldn't you want to recline and relax with your baby when up at all hours of the night feeding him/her. Or even to take a little nap in the nursery with them. The reviews on this glider were great- the quality looks amazing- its modern ( not quite my style but it works for London ) and you can choose from many different colors. What I also love about this product is that when you don't need it in the nursery anymore- you can move it to your sitting room since it doesn't look like an actual nursing chair. SCORE!
Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor with 3.5" LCD screen- I chose to go with this camera system because I wanted to be able to add more cameras to the system so I could place them all over the house instead of just one at his bed. With this system you can add and view up to 3 additional cameras making that a total of 4. I also bought the Motorola Blink baby camera so my family and friends can tune in from their iPads or iphones and watch, or so my husband can monitor while he's at his office.

Angelcare 3 in 1 baby monitor- I bought this so the baby nurse can keep this monitor with her. She only needs a small one because if the abby isnt in his crib she will be with him. You can never be too careful :)

Razberry Silicone teether BPA free - these looked interesting and looked cool for when he starts to teeth.

Bebe Au Lait Nursing cover. What I liked about this was that it had a strap that easily went around your neck so you dont have to worry about being in public and the blanket falling down.

Boppy Miracle Middle Pillow- for nursing I hear this is your best friend. and I love all the different covers you can put on it

Lawn Countertop drying rack- this looked really modern and cool. Our house here in London and switzerland are very modern and clean so I bought 2. You can buy little flowers and trees to stick in there and hang the teets on :)

PUJ Flyte Mini Tub- Puj always has great reviews and I liked this because ti will fit in a sink and it folds up and you can take it anywhere. Good item to have

Munchkin White HOt Safety Duck Tub- this just looked like so much fun for him when he can sit up by himself. Mini pool for outside or bath !

Aquatopia easy kneeler - this is genius so you dont hurt your knees. Its very thick foam- I already tried it out LOL and it stick to the side of your tub with suctions so it doesnt move.

Cloud B Tranquil Turtle - I got this and the larger green turtle which doesnt play music- one for London and one for our home in Greece. I think I like this one better than the star turtle bc this plays music and sounds- although with all of his other stuffed animals that play music im sure the other one is just as good.

Stokke Winter Kit in white for my stroller for when we go to switzerland. I also bought him the sheep skin liner that goes inside the seat area. Stokke has amazing products

Stokke Xplory Stroller_ I receievd the set which came with the bassinet below. Its a great stroller and I liked this way better than the bugaboo because of the height that the seat can go to. Youre eye level with your baby with the stokke stroller 

My stroller- Stokke Xplory

I bought 2 sets of the mommy hooks to hook my bags to my strollers.

Vulli Sophie Giraffe- EVERYONE has this thing and swears by it for their babies!!!

Fisher Price Ocean wonders Seahorse- I found this little guy in a youtube video review and fell in Love. It comes in Pink as well.

I bought this for when we are in Greece so he can play in the yard but not get too much sun or bugs on him :) It folds up really small and fits in a suitcase

Also bought this for Greece- a tiny pool to fill with fresh water for him

I also foudn this in a youtube video reviews and thought it sounded cool for in between washes. Mustela is a great company too

Cloub B sleep sheep

My Dream Pram by Silver Cross - teh classic Balmoral Traditional Pram. This thing is a beast and does not fold- i literally got delivered just like this. BUT in London we live across from a HUGE beautiful park that we can walk to so its perfect for us. They do make one that comes apart and fold called the Kensington which I may buy for when we are back home in California. This is a pram used JUST for walks- not in stores or shopping and something you keep in the family and pass on for generations.
In Harrods with the pram- only mine is Navy top and White bottom like in the picture above.

Obsessed with his changing pad and cover by Bambizi. Bought mine at Harrods. It comes with a tiny pillow- so cute and amazing quality 

Maxi Cosi Pebble Car seat in Divine Denim. I thought this was so cute for a boy- or any mommy that doesnt LOVE pink.
It has great reviews and its one of the lightest on the market. My stroller has a maxi cosi adaptor so you can click it into the stokke stroller as well !

Nuby electric beast pump_ I bought 2 of these so I could attach it to one of those nursing bras and have both sides pumping at once. I dont know how this works yet but the reviews looked great. I chose this over the popular Medela because the Nuby is a closed system- which means its inside parts do not come in contact with any liquid or breast milk what so ever so it prevents mold and other bacteria from forming that you cant see. The starter kit comes with everything you need. Nuby makes great products.

Prince lionheart wipe warmer POP in Grey- I origionaly received the Ultimate wipe warm by Prince lionheart but bc of the US plug Im sending that to my CA home. So I tried to find the same thing here in London and did on however when it arived it was their newer version the POP.. I dont know how it works and theres no many reviews on this particular model- but Ill give ti a try and let you know. Prince lionheart is a great company so it should be good. I also bought the caddy stand to elevate the wipe warmer giving more room on the changing table.

Tommee Tippe- the complete starter kit. Definitely worth having one of these

Sage Spoonfuls- I received this as a gift and IM so excited to make my own abby food when its time. This is said to be one of the best! search youtube to watch the videos on it :)

The Itz Been pocket nanny- this is a great little device that keeps track of how long its has been since you last did- changing, feeding, sleep or awake, other misc medicine! Google it to read more about it. I bought mine off of amazon
Another great item for when you deliver is the BFFLBag . I call it teh Best Friend For Labor bag LOL- it has everything and then some that you would need or want to go to the hospital with. and At $120.00 it takes so much stress away.
The only things I am adding to this bag is a Delivery gown, a Nursing gown for after the baby comes that I can have visitors with and look decent, a pillow and matching pillow case, a robe with matching slippers and cameras chargers and so on.
Check out this bag online at

All of his Big plush stuffed animals I bought off of Restoration Hardware including the cute lamb chair and rocker. The large size is HUGE- so cute to decorate and fill in shelves. I was really happy with their quality

As for diapers and products, my friend Jill who was 2 months ahead of me in pregnancy told me about Jessica Alba's company called The Honest Company. As you know once I found out I was pregnant I stopped using all of my usual products, I didn't dye my hair, I didn't do my nails, I went completely natural- the best that I could. SO of course I want to use natural chemical free products on my baby. Theres so many chemicals in things you wouldn't have any idea about unless you were told. Things like BPA, PVC, chlorine, phenoxyethanol and so many other chemicals are things I learned about once pregnant and have tried my entire pregnancy to avoid the best that I could. With that said, this is why I chose to use the Honest Company for most of my baby products, cleaning products, wipes and diapers.

The HOnest Company diapers have so many cute designs for both boys and girls!

 The down side to the Honest Company is that they do not ship worldwide so I literally had to ship everything to my moms in NY and then repack everything in ziplock bags and take with me in my suitcase back to the UK. BUT, that just goes to show you how much I love this company! When I do a blog post on his nursery Ill take pictures and post his changing table!

I think for now Ive covered all the bases. Ive been working on this blog for 2 days now and my mind is drifting. If I missed anything that you would like to know about please comment below. ALSO, please share with me your experiences and favorite products. I have 8 weeks to go (tops) till this baby is here- and we are SOOOOO excited <3

Jennifer Stano and Alki David
Live, Love, Laugh


  1. Jennifer you look amazing. You have such wonderful friends and family who did an amazing job on your baby shower. I bet you cant wait to meet your little angel. Soon it will be time and it will one of the best things that has ever happened. I have 2 kids and having them in my life is the best thing.

    You have found some great things that will help a ton once you have him. Just rest when you need to once he is born. The one thing I learned is it's ok to let others help you :) us momma's try to take on it all, and sometimes we just need to ask for help.. even if it's just to take a nap :)

    You will be a great momma. Cant wait to see the pics after he is born. He will be beautiful.

  2. You look amazing! I love all the things you picked out, you're definitely going to be a great mommy, you have all your bases covered. I'd love to see an updated DMP post if you have time, i know it's a while since you last did some & you could even include your cute maternity wear.

    Much love.

  3. Lovely post Jen! You will be a great mother & a great inspiration !

  4. Congrats Jen!

    You chose so many great items, many of which I already have and love, and some which I will for sure have to try when we have a 2nd child!

    We use and LOVE the grass bottle drying racks, you may want to use 2 of them side-by-side as they are pretty small and fill up fairly quickly.

    I also purchased the AngelCare, but returned it before I opened it. The lady who conducted out pre-natal classes said that they often go off "falsely" which can scare the shit out of you lol! My friend used one and she experienced this several times.

    Also, I recommend purchasing a small nursery fan, from Babies R Us etc. I read an article while I was pregnant that the carbon dioxide that baby's exhale can "pool" around their face and may be a link to SIDS. The fan (not directly pointed at the baby) is useful for circulating the air in the room, I also didn't put the hood on the bassinet upright either. I know this all sounds ridiculous, and I don't mean to scare you (although I was! lol) but once I read this I couldn't get it out of my mind lol! I was totally one of those mom's that couldn't sleep because I was constantly checking to see if my baby was still breathing lol! We also lived in a condo downtown at the time and I found that the slight noise that the fan made was useful for drowning out the traffic noise outside.

    Also a wipes warmer! And you may just want to bite the bullet and get the Diaper Genie Elite with the foot pedal. I often found myself with one hand keeping the baby safe on the change table and the other hand full with the dirty diaper. Especially handy if it's a poopy diaper!!

    Just some tips for one baby momma to another! You will be a fantastic mom Jen! All the best to you and Alki!! :D

  5. Hi Jennifer,
    You registered for tons of great stuff. If the boppy is uncomfortable for you try the breastfriend pillow. I used that one and it is great and super comfy for you and baby.

  6. Hey Jennifer,
    I am 4 months pregnant and I just wanted to let you know that I have found your blogs extremely helpful and informative. I am the first one out of my group of friends to have a baby so it has been really great to read your updates. I need all the help I can get.You look beautiful and i just wanted to thank you becuasebelieve it or not your posts have helped me through the beginning of my pregnancy. It is so nice to be able to relate to someone.
    Anyways, you look amazing and are so prepared for this baby. It is quite impressive!I only hope I can follow in you footsteps. Congratulations to you and Alki. :)

  7. I'm from the uk and I know recently you yourself was in London and I was wondering if you found any good places to buy unique baby items as I find a lot of the time its the same stuff in each shop very generic. I cannot wait for my little brother to be born and it's the same month as your little boy. Seems to be the month to have babies !

  8. You and Alki are such a good looking couple. This baby boy will be such a blessing to both of you. Enjoy him he will be grown before you know it. Take care kim

  9. Jennifer, the dress is so beautiful. To die for! Am interested in buying, please email! XO

  10. Jen, I love this post so much, and I'm so excited for you! You are going to be an amazing mother. Can't wait till baby Niko comes so we can all see pictures of how handsome he is. I'm defiantly predicting dark hair haha! That's a easy one!

    Oh, and those diapers are amazing!

  11. Jen,
    Amazing post! I'm only 22, not even thinking about having a baby anytime soon, but I LOVE reading about all your baby stuff! Seriously, you are so so amazing for sharing this info with all of us! Please do a post on all the products and stuff you've been using during the pregnancy for stretch marks, hair care, etc. I hope you still have time to update after the baby comes! I get so excited when I see an update!
    Congrats girl!

  12. Hey Jennifer, How much are you selling your dress for? and is it light weight or heavy fabric?

  13. Love you and your blog... !!! You should do a London meet up! whilst you are here ! xxx

  14. this is an amazing list. thank you so much for taking the time to compile it, i know it must have been hard work. im nt pregnant yet but will be in a few years and i will definitely try some of these products. enjoy ur last 6 weeks bc when bby alki comes out im sure it will be another world. i like the idea of a baby nurse and hopefully i can get one too. dam how times and technology have changed just looking at some of these items, its so interesting like the baby wipe warmer. those things r generally so cold and i never thght it would upset the baby, but ir makes sense to warm it up. sending my love n positive energy to ur family for safe n happy delivery. happy baby = happy mommy xo from TORONTO

  15. I'm very interested in the dress !! My pay pal is and I think it will fit perfect :) also what a great baby shower ! I'm currently trying and hoping for a baby soon .. Love your story on the journey !!

  16. Aww Jennifer, I'm so happy for you! I've followed your blog for some time now and I'm so happy to hear your pregnancy is going so well :) And a boy! How exciting. I remember when you guys were doing the "ring test" to guess the gender hehe.

    The maternity dress is GORGEOUS by the way! You're the prettiest pregnant woman I've ever seen :) I hope I'll carry my future one so gracefully. Congrats and I'm so happy for you <3

    PS. Love the stroller, very chic!

  17. Incredible list! I am a few years away from having kids but will bookmark this for future reference and pass onto expectant friend. You have truly done your research - so helpful to share this info with other mums-to-be!

    P.S. When you say baby nurse, do you mean a nanny? One of my friends has a full-time one (8-6pm 7 days a week) and says it is a godsend!

  18. My Beautiful Jenn, I am so excited for you and your hubby!! You look amazing ") I have used many of those Great products that you have listed. A great swing that we bought was the Fisher Price My Little Snugabunny Cradle Swing it was a life saver on the batteries because it can be plugged in :) Sending Love and Prayers for a Healthy Baby and Healthy Mommy! Love and Hugs, Chrissie

  19. Hi Jennifer,
    just wondering how much help you're going to have with the baby? Do you plan to have a nanny?
    Thanks for sharing so much of your life with us, I always love reading your posts.

  20. Hi! First of all, congrats on your new bundle of JOY! Also, I lovee your blog and how you're not just a stay at home wife but someone that has their own aspirations in life as well! Anyways, you look very pretty in all your baby shower pics and you have a beautiful family that really adores you. Just by reading your posts and everything you have picked're going to be an awesome mama. Tomme Tippe is a great brand. But you should definitely try COMO TOMO. It's great if you are transitioning from breasts to bottles. My daughter has been using it and she has NEVER had any colic problems. Your baby Niko is going to change your life forever in a good way :). Wish you a blessed and healthy birth & Baby! :)
    Bea Z.

  21. Jennifer I love reading your blog I am pregnant w my first baby I am 4 months along and it's been really exciting to follow along with you! I am a NICU nurse and we use something similar to the Cocoonababy to nest our premie babies in so I was extremely interested to buy one of these for my baby. Are you aware of any website that will at least ship it to the US? Thanks so much and I look forward to following the rest of your exciting journey!

    1. Hey girl.. Ugh- I tried so badly to get one shipped to the states for a friend of mine. Have you tried amazon? I think I tried that and couldnt find any.. If youre desperate for one I have no problem walking my ass to Harrods and picking it up for you and having it shipped and you can paypal me the money or maybe harrods will accept your CC over the phone and then Ill just pick it up?
      Its an amazing product and my friends baby LOVES it!

      Let me know

    2. Hey Jen, I found the Cocoonababy at a German Website. They also ship to the US!

      Wish you all the best!

    3. JoJo Maman Bebe also delivers worldwide.

    4. Hi Jen I actually just saw your reply thank you SO much I ended up finding it on Amazon UK they said they would ship to Cali for $60 wishing you all the best in London so if you hear of anyone else who wants one they could use this option xoxox Alicia

    5. Gotta say props to you for offering to pick one up for her & mail it. Its one thing to direct someone to the site but to go above & beyond for a stranger you've never met. I was pleasently surprised :) Ive read your blog for a while & you seem very down to earth just dealt an amazing hand in life... for some that changes their prospective on life (and the way they treat others) glad to see your not that way :))) Good luck with baby Niko!! He's going to be one handsome boy!!! I'm right behind you... Due August 14th with a boy also... Found your registery very similar to mine :)


  22. sooo cute!
    you will be great mum!!!
    and sooo sexy and beautiful mum
    love you

  23. Try

    They have glass bottles with a silicone sleeve. Very attractive looking and eco friendly.

    My 13 month old LOVES them. This is from a 3 time Mom.

    Good Luck!

  24. Hello jen I absolutely love your style and your blog please do a post on baby niko's nursery!!

  25. Hi Jen! Loving your blog - it's so inspirational! Did you sell your dress from your baby shower? If not, I'm about your size and having a shower next month. Please let me know if its still available.

  26. Hey jen, hope u guys are all doing well!. Can't wait to see photos of baby niko. Not to much longer. Any how I have a lot of the things u showed on the registry and by that I mean the rainforest bouncer and the glider rocking chair to the nuby breast pump but mine was bought with a double breast pump and I love every thing. Its been put through great use and I am super satified with it all. A few tips on ur little boy that I wasn't taught which I should have was when niko gets circumsized if he is make sure to keep pulling the skin back so it doesn't fuse together with the head ull know what I mean I think the doctor will show u how to clean and keep it well taken cared of. Also breast feed as long as u can its so healthy and so natural. I breast feed my son till he was 7 months and wouldve kept it up but he started to bite and thought it was funny so I had to stop and just bottle feed him breast milk. Any way ill post more as I come up with more things. Take care girl and congrats to u and alki!.

  27. I love your baby shower dress. I am looking for something like it still for sale? if so how much? and what is the US equivalent sizing? thanks so much! :)

  28. The baby shower invitations are so cute! I love the color scheme of the whole shower. You have such great taste! And you look fantastic! Thanks for the great post. =)

  29. The only thing i'm a bit surprised about is that you don't seem to have any washable diaper. I can understand the dislike of it, but it is better ecologically (even if it takes more water), It also can look totally kickass and they can be customized with fabrics of your choice.

    but to each their own! Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy :)

  30. Please do not circumcise your baby. This is what they do :

    Making a penis easier to clean is not good for the baby. Think of if we "circumcised" a female. Sounds barbaric right? But whose idea was THIS?!

  31. Congrats! You look absolutely stunning pregnant! I really enjoyed looking at the things you have on your registry, I have an 18-month old and she had/has a lot of the same things (except in pink! lol) Anyways, I just found your blog not long ago and love it, can't wait for more posts! Again, congrats, your son is going to be so handsome - and love, love, love the name Niko! <3 - Amanda

  32. Hi Jennifer,
    You look amazing, love the fact you r sharing your journey with all of us. I shared some of the same views with my pregnancy. I like how true/sincere u r in ur blog and insta post... I just read ur insta post and u will be in my prayers u do the same . Keep positive and have lot of faith everything will be ok. I had a simillar situation 3 weeks before my due date but due to a bad UTI... I had horrible fears I thought my natural labor (vaginal, medication free) was out of the list... but my antib my prayers my faith and staying positive helped me to stay back on my game. . Try some relaxation tech some music.. practice ur breathing tech.. make sure u have a birthing coach other ur husband some one than can help u be relaxed yet focused for ur labor (i had my sister will pressure massage my back during contract and will remind me to breath) helped me out A LOT... my labor in hospital about 10 hrs which was very manageble... when i got to hosp i was already contracting but still tolerated i was at 4 cm... shared my birth plan with nurses and requested not to be offered epidural or pain killers... thanks God everything came out as planned well except having a psyatomy that was not as bad since healed within that week.... before i forget request a lactition cons even if u think i have the concept down have some lansinoh nipple cream works wonders and have some nursing bras and some nursing friendly shirts/gowns... Good choice on ur registry items i love in particular that I got my baby 4moms mammaroo best bouncer... compact and easy to install check it out my baby girl still loves it... stay positive wish u get better... keep posting!!

  33. Please please please tell us how to get the baby wish cards?!

  34. I absolutely love your blog Jen, i just started my own blog. Which i doubt it will ever get as much attention as your does. But what would you recommend for someone who just started to blog? BTW congrats on ur pregnancy! You will be an amazing mother!

  35. I love your posts! I was wondering if you can do an updated closet tour after baby niko is born. Not only your closet tour but also a baby Niko room tour. I love kid's and hopefully will have one in the near future.

  36. Love your post, and you are looking gorgeous, as always! I had my first baby boy back in Sept, and now going on 8 mos I can tell you we have def loved the Prince Lionhart Wipes Warmer. The first time you are tinkled on is cute... The 8th and you're freakin for towels. That thing is fab! I've also loved the Sugabunny AND the Mamaroo- my lil one slept in that thing the first three months. The Motorola video monitor has worked great for us, too- it has decent range. My sis swears by Honest Co diapers, so you should be golden there. I prefer the Wubbanub pacifiers, but that's prob bc they match up w the ones the nurses gave my baby when they circumcised him. He's been hooked ever since. Little Giraffe makes fab softies, too, if you're not making your own. Best of luck for a quick and fab delivery before your bundle arrives- nothing can prepare you, and it is AMAZING.!

  37. Hi Jen, you should check out baby breathing monitor, RespiSense. It's small and you clip it to baby's diaper. It monitors baby's breathing, and if it doesn't sense any movement, it will vibrate to remind the baby to breath. After 20 seconds of no movement, it's alarm will go off. My 3 year old wore it when he was a baby, now my 3 months old is wearing hers. It gives us a piece of mind.

  38. Hi Jennifer, I must say that I like you a lot and think that you are super cute. However, I find it extremely tacky that you registered for baby gifts even though you are married to a billionaire! You should have asked for donations to a charity like Kim and Kanye plan to do or not asked for any gifts. I think you can afford to buy stuff on your own!

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  40. Hi Jen,

    One thing to think about are sleepsacks to put your baby in so you don't have to worry about blankets and SIDS. I found when my son was a newbie the best way to snuggle him was in a woombie or a halo sleepsack/swaddle. I found it easier than using a swaddle blanket which he would escape from and it calms their startle reflex. Another goodie is a diaper caddy that you can take from room to room for diaper changes on the floor. This will come in handy when your baby starts to roll and the change table is no longer safe! Good luck to you. I can't wait to see your little bundle.

  41. Hi Jen,
    I have followed your blog forever, and you have been my inspiration with your pregnancy! I am 10 weeks pregnant right now, and I have been referring to every single thing I can from your blog, instagram, etc. You have been a godsend to me Jen!!! :) I love reading your posts and taking your advice, you are like the big sister I never had :). Thank you so much for being REAL. It blesses and encourages more than you will ever know!! I am praying for you and your sweet little family as you begin the birthing journey. It will all be beautiful and perfect once you hold him in your arms :).
    I would absolutely LOVE to get some of your body butter if you still have some. I am trying to follow in your footsteps and lotioning up every day to prevent stretch marks. I would LOVE to try what you have though!! Keep me in mind ;)
    You can send me an email at if you need to get a hold of me directly.
    You go girl! You can do this! Remember how strong you are and how much of an inspiration you are to so many!
    much love, Lindsay :)

  42. I discovered your blog today - where have you been hiding lol. Thank you fir the effort in detailing everything so that if I'm interested I can search them out to buy.
    I am planning to get the stokke explory as well.
    Good luck with everything, can't wait to meet baby niko

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  44. Jennifer, Congratulations! May your newest arrival also bring with it much joy and happiness for you both as new parents. Loads of well wishes to you during this exciting time. All the best to you with lots of love and admiration You look so peaceful, serene and NATURALLY beautiful in this picture. > Picture of you in the hospital bed, just chillin'. Taken on Friday night.

  45. Hi Jen,
    Love your blog and follow you on instagram. Im 16 weeks pregnant and loving all your advice. If you end up having extra of your body butter I would love to try it. My email is
    God Bless!

  46. Hello Darling!
    A big Congratulations are due on your new arrival! You must be overjoyed! I couldn't be happier for you and Alki! He is the cutest thing ever!
    I absolutely love love love following your blog, especially hearing all about navigating pregnancy in the UK. (I'm also from the States but now live in London with my British husband). I'm 18 weeks pregnant, so I really do find you a source of inspiration. If you by chance have any more of your amazing lotion left over Id love to buy some from you. I have also doubled up my fish oil supplements - which makes the skin extra soft and supple and thus helps to prevent stretching during pregnancy - really helps with baby's brain development as well, which is a great bonus of course!
    Please do get in touch if you have any of your lovely homemade lotion left.
    Cant wait to see more photos of your adorable baby boy!

    Light and Love, Heather xo

  47. I love this post. Made me want to browse further to your blog...
    They photos speak, saying that this is such a fun.
    How about some baby shower decorations? I'd be glad to see your recommendations.


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  49. Hi Jennifer,
    You're really pretty, the only person I like to follow on IG, Twitter, and on your blog. I would like to try a sample of your body butter, even if it's just a super small container. I have stretch marks on my lower stomach and my lower's so not great. The thing is I am only 19 with no kids and I've always been skinny (high metabolism) these stretch marks are gross. I would actually like to try it to see if it would work and if it does I would like to make my own as well :] Thanks Jennifer for reading! I hope you take it into consideration! My email is sok.alicia@yahoo(.)(com)

  50. Ho Jen,
    I saw your read your blog the time your gone from surgery. And now here new moment a mother of cute son. Congratulations and stay a beautiful wife and a loving mother! Good luck Jen.
    Thanks for imparting your life story. So inspiring!

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  51. Hi Jennifer,

    Love your blog! :) Thank you for sharing your style, great finds, and story... Nice to see such a beautiful woman be inspirational... If possible, I'd love to try your body lotions creation, though not pregnant yet (one day soon I hope) I'd still love to give it a go, (I'm latina with a very curvy frame and with that comes stretch marks *sad face*). You can reach me at, my name is Dee. :)Congratulations with all and thank you.

  52. i am interested in your shower dress how much are u selling it for?

  53. So fabulous baby shower and the mommy is sure looks so stunning! I love the theme chosen and the decors. Simply love the whole thing...


  54. the baby shower looks so stunning!love it!I couldn't be happier if you can see my post about lace wedding ideas.

  55. Hello dear Jen,

    Love the baby shower too! How long did it take you to open all the gifts!;-)
    You asked if someone knew how to get the Cocoonababy to the US, well can ship worldwide but US and CANADA so if you know someoneelse who can get the delivery for you somewhere else overseas and re-direct it to you home that's the way to go!…

  56. Your list of baby shower gifts that you are registered for is amazing! You have certainly done your research and covered everything. This has to be the best list I have ever come across. Love your taste!

  57. Really i love your blog post on sower Stool. Very nice and appreciable blog. Amazing blog about baby shower.

  58. Hello! Youre baby shower looked beautiful and so did you! I recently just found out that I am having a boy and I was wondering if you are still selling your dress?? Please email me at
    Thank You!