Have Faith Swimgerie

Jennifer Stano and Lilly Ghalichi, designers of Have Faith Swimgerie


  1. very nice photos :-)

  2. Omg....is that the Lily that will be on shahs of sunset?? Ur Gorgios and I love your line and life. Wish you well.

    Tina fiore. Rye brook ny

  3. I absolutely love your swim wear. I've been looking everywhere for the "sweet escape" bikini top on your website, will you be selling anymore of them soon on the site again?

  4. Hi Jennifer,

    Over the summer I came across your IG page from looking at my activity feed and as I looked through your pictures I thought instantly what a beautiful lady. I was already inspired by your style and taking screen shots here and there to replicate your clothes and your makeup looks and then one day I was watching tv and saw a commercial on TLC for "throphy wives" and was like omg thats Jennifer Stano I follow her lol. As if i didnt admire you already I had noticed you were bffs with Lilly whom I was also following and OBSESSED with her makeup. Any who im sure you get this all the time and I am just another fan to you, but you are such an inspiration. Between your story on how you met Alki, your style, your honesty about surgeries you've had done, you starting your own business for bathing suits, and the fact that you are just a small town girl from NY and I from NJ i feel like I can relate to you in some type of ways. I feel as if you made all your dreams come true I can as well. Thank you for being such an inspiration to all women and just being you. I really do hope one day I can have a great story to tell. Thank you also for inspiring me to follow my dreams and not losing hope on love.

    Have Faith <3
    -Stephanie N. =]

  5. There's so much you have inspired me to do with my body and my future. Seeing how you have turned yourself into a business woman has made me want to do well for myself in the future. If you have any advice on setting up on your own it would be so appreciated as I could use all the advice and help along the way to doing what I want to do in life.

  6. i love your swim line! will you be adding tops some with push up for that little extra push?

  7. hi, i am absolutely in love with your line. I wanted to ask if there was anyway you could also design tops with some padding, for those of us who don't have that nice bust that we want yet :/..

  8. Hey Jennifer,

    I wrote you on your Facebook Blog page but I wasn't positive it was you or that you would get this message so I thought I'd the message here too. I read on Instagram that Niko was still breech & you weren't wanting to do Versions as an option to moving his position. I don't know how serious you are about wanting a natural birth but I asked my chiropractor about the treatment he does on pregnant women it's called Webster's as in Websters dictionary. It's a less invasive treatment, he said you can only find it at chiropractor offices. It just made me think of you & thought I'd give you a little info just in case you are trying to go the natural route.

    Good luck to you! I'm praying you have a very smooth, painless labor & delivery & that you are surrounded by great doctors & nurses & that you are in really good hands & Niko is born perfect!

    Angie O.

  9. I got to your blog less than 10 minutes ago and you're already someone I am looking up to. You're beautiful, talented and extremely optimistic. Best of luck with everything that you set your mind to!. Xox